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Image: New focused ultrasound is effective for treating Parkinson’s, movement disorders (Photo courtesy of Pexels)

New Focused Ultrasound Treatment Proves Effective for Parkinson’s Disease Patients

In a latest study, researchers have demonstrated that a novel focused ultrasound treatment can be beneficial in reducing dyskinesia and improving motor impairment in patients with Parkinson's disease. Patients undergoing focused ultrasound therapy can return home the same day post-surgery. More...
17 Mar 2023
Image: New imaging tech produces real-time 3D maps of uterine contractions during labor (Photo courtesy of Pexels)

New Tool Images Uterine Contractions in Real Time to Identify High-Risk Pregnancies

Researchers have developed new imaging technology that can create 3D maps of uterine contractions in real-time, displaying both the magnitude and distribution of the contractions across the entire surface of the uterus during labor. Identifying the specific type of uterine contractions that cause premature birth or labor arrest can aid researchers in developing methods to slow or prevent the onset of these contractions. More...
16 Mar 2023
Image: The FDA-approved FloPatch device provides a simple, fast, and consistent method for measuring changes in heart function (Photo courtesy of Flosonics)

World’s First Wireless, Wearable Doppler Ultrasound System Aids in Sepsis Management

A first-of-its-kind first wireless, wearable Doppler ultra-sound system aids clinicians in better managing IV fluid therapy during the early stages of sepsis care. The FDA-approved device monitors blood flow in real-time and offers a fast, simple, and reliable way to measure changes in heart function. More...
15 Mar 2023
Image: A new ultrasound method could lead to easier disease diagnosis (Photo courtesy of Pexels)

New Ultrasound Technique Could Help Diagnose Diseases More Easily

A new ultrasound method is capable of measuring tension in human tissue for the first time. This advancement can lead to the development of cutting-edge ultrasound machines that can better detect cancer, scarring, and tissue abnormalities. More...
14 Mar 2023
Image: An AI network system for ultrasonography accurately detects and diagnoses breast cancer (Photo courtesy of Pexels)

AI-Powered Ultrasound Imaging Detects Breast Cancer

Ultrasonography is a major medical imaging technique for the assessment of breast lesions, and computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) systems have aided radiologists by segmenting and identifying lesion features to distinguish between benign and malignant lesions. Now, a team of researchers has developed an AI network system for ultrasonography to accurately detect and diagnose breast cancer. More...
14 Mar 2023
Image: New ultrasound research could have major impacts on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases (Photo courtesy of Texas A&M University)

Ultrasound Breakthrough Could Have Major Impact on Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases

Having precise and sensitive measurements of tissue stiffness is crucial in the medical field as it helps in detecting various diseases. A new technique now enables researchers to determine both Young's modulus (YM) and Poisson's ratio (PR) accurately without invasive procedures. More...
14 Mar 2023
Image: The Paradise ultrasound denervation device (Photo courtesy of ReCor Medical)

Ultrasound Catheter Offers New Treatment Option for Hypertension

Despite various interventions such as lifestyle modifications and medications to control blood pressure, approximately one-third of hypertensive patients are unable to regulate their blood pressure. Now, a device that employs ultrasound-based technology to calm overactive nerves in the kidneys could potentially aid certain individuals in controlling their blood pressure. More...
10 Mar 2023

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