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Image: A 3D rendering of a basal cell carcinoma lesion (melanin in yellow, hemoglobin in blue, and oxyhemoglobin in red) (Photo courtesy of M. Olive et al).

Light and Ultrasound Waves Reveal Extent of Skin Cancer

A new study demonstrates that multispectral optoacoustic tomography (MSOT) allows three-dimensional (3D) imaging of deep non-melanoma skin tumors (NMSCs). More...
11 Dec 2017
Image: The BladderScan Prime Plus uses AI for accurate measurement (Photo courtesy of Verathon).

Portable Bladder Scanner Improves Volume Measurements

A portable three-dimensional (3D) ultrasound (US) system uses deep learning technology to improve bladder volume measurement accuracy. More...
30 Nov 2017
Image: A new study suggests contrast enhance ultrasound (L) provides good diagnostic aid (Photo courtesy of radiopaedia.org).

Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Helps Detects Liver Cancer

A new study reveals that contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) can achieve correct diagnosis without radiation, and at lower cost. More...
14 Nov 2017
Image: The AcQMap high-resolution imaging and mapping system workstation (Photo courtesy of Acutus Medical).

Advanced Technology Maps Complex Cardiac Arrhythmias

An innovative high-resolution ultrasound-based electrophysiology system visualizes cardiac anatomy and maps dipole density to chart the pathway of every heartbeat. More...
06 Nov 2017
Image: Articulatory talking head animations from ultrasound images for “ata” (top) and “uku” (bottom) (Photo courtesy of Thomas Hueber / GIPSA-Lab).

Tongue Ultrasound System Improves Speech Therapy

A new study describes how an innovative visual biofeedback system based on an ultrasound probe placed under the jaw can help treat speech impediments. More...
26 Oct 2017
Image: New research shows fusing ultrasound and EEG can help map seizures (Photo courtesy of Charlie Demene/ PSL).

Portable Ultrasound Device Scans Neonatal Brain Activity

A novel device uses functional ultrasound imaging (fUSI) and video electroencephalography (EEG) to monitor brain microvasculature in newborns. More...
26 Oct 2017
Image: A new combined IVUS/FLIm catheter probe can image arteries of a living heart (Photo courtesy of Marcu Lab / UCD).

Catheter Melds Light and Ultrasound to Detect Plaque

A novel catheter probe combines intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) with fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIm) in order to help predict heart attacks. More...
17 Oct 2017

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