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Image: The SIGNA Premier MRI system (Photo courtesy of GE Healthcare).

New 3T MRI Scanner Cleared by US FDA

The US FDA has approved a new wide-bore 3.0T MRI system, developed as part of a four-year collaboration between the US National Football League, mTBI researchers, and a medical imaging device manufacturer. More...
15 Aug 2017
Image: Researchers used MRI-DTI to detect the abnormal perfusion in kidneys, and predict the risk of renal fibrosis (Photo courtesy of Osaka University).

MRI-DTI Replaces Biopsy for Early Diagnosis of Kidney Disease

Researchers in Japan, together with a number of Japanese companies, have used a non-invasive technique, translated from neuro-imaging tools that could replace invasive kidney biopsies. More...
15 Aug 2017
Image: The MRI images show examples of the brains of a deletion carrier, a duplication carrier, and a control participant in the study (Photo courtesy of RSNA).

MRI Study Shows Brain Abnormalities in Patients with Genetic Autism

A first-of-a-kind study has found structural abnormalities in the brains of patients with one of the most common genetic causes of autism. More...
07 Aug 2017
Image: The results of a new study show that MRI-DTI can help clinicians predict cognitive impairment and Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries (mTBI) in professional fighters (Photo courtesy of iStock).

Research Shows MRI-DTI Techniques Can Track mTBI

In a recent study, researchers found a total of seven brain-imaging predictors that were related to cognitive function in professional fighters. Some of these predictors showed changes in the thickness and volume of gray matter, and in the integrity of the white matter tracts of the fighter’s brains. More...
07 Aug 2017
Image: Subcortical structures of interest in left, inferior and anterior view (Photo courtesy of Whalley et al./Scientific Reports).

Study Suggests Depression Changes Brain Structure

A large imaging study has found that depression could result in changes in the structure of the brain. More...
01 Aug 2017
Image: An illustration of a multifunctional Tantalum oxide/silica core/shell nanoparticles (TSNs) with a radiopaque core for X-ray imaging, conjugated fluorescent dye for fluorescent imaging, a dense core material with a high sound-scattering effect for ultrasound imaging, and a silica surface for adhesive property (Photo courtesy of Nature Communications).

Nanoparticles Demonstrate Use as Injectable Marker

Researchers have found a new tissue adhesive that can be detected by clinical imaging modalities, and is also extremely biocompatible for minimally invasive procedures. More...
01 Aug 2017
Image: A new miniature device could be used in existing MRI machines and enable clinicians to simultaneously perform diagnostic imaging and record electro-physiological signals (Photo courtesy of Shannon Kane / Purdue Research Foundation).

Smart MRI Monitoring Device to Increase Patient Safety

A new self-learning and affordable device is being developed for simultaneous wireless recording of both EEG and fMRI data during an MRI scan. More...
31 Jul 2017

MedImaging's MRI channel in addition to reporting on MR hardware, informs about the many magnetic resonance applications possible with the technique notably MRI, fMRI, diffusion MRI, MR angiography, MR guided surgery, in addition to industry developments, and safety issues.
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