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Image: Advanced clinical applications in use on the XERO universal viewer (Photo courtesy of Agfa Healthcare).

Enterprise Imaging Viewer Receives Clearance for Additional Apps

A major medical hardware and software provider has received US FDA 510(k) clearance for additional functionalities on its enterprise imaging zero-footprint viewer. More...
15 Aug 2017
Image: A and B show trans-axial 11C-sarcosine hybrid PET/CT images of an adenocarcinoma. Image C shows a separately obtained T2-weighted MR sequence, and Image D shows the resulting PET/MRI registration (Photo courtesy of M. Piert et al., University of Michigan).

Novel PET Tracer Developed for Imaging Prostate Tumors

A new PET tracer, called Carbon-11 labeled sarcosine (11C-sarcosine) has been used for the first time to image prostate cancer in a human being. More...
14 Aug 2017
Image: A plastic 3D printed heart highlights the human cardiac conductive system (Photo courtesy of the University of Manchester).

3D Data Used to Visualize Cardiac Conductive System

Researchers have discovered new details of how the conductive system of the human heart functions that could help cardiac surgeons repair hearts without damaging healthy tissue. More...
14 Aug 2017
Image: The clinical and radiographic appearance of a bunion (Photo courtesy of AAOS).

Post-Surgical X-Rays Predict Bunion Recurrence Risk

Measuring the hallux valgus angle (HVA) on postoperative x-rays immediately following bunion surgery can reliably predict satisfactory correction and risk of recurrence. More...
10 Aug 2017
Image: An example of brachytherapy treatment for prostate cancer patients (Photo courtesy of UCLA Health).

Study Shows Advantages of New Prostate Cancer Treatment

A new study has shown that brachytherapy treatment of prostate cancer patients using the Cesium-131 Isotope provides a targeted, fast-acting treatment, within a 30-day delivery time, that is significantly better than other isotopes. More...
08 Aug 2017
Image: The CT image shows how the surgeons adjusted the trapezoid controls on the table window for improved liver segmentation (Photo courtesy of Siemens Healthcare).

Surgeons Perform MIS in Hybrid OR with Robot System

Surgeons in a Brazilian hospital have for the first time performed a liver resection on a patient in a hybrid OR using robotic imaging system, and a surgical robot. More...
03 Aug 2017
Image: Using a new imaging technique that can diagnose cardiac sarcoidosis much more accurately than traditional tests, researchers found that the disease cardiac sarcoidosis affects other organs in 40 percent of patients (Photo courtesy of Shutterstock).

New PET/CT Imaging Protocol Improves Detection of Cardiac Sarcoidosis

Researchers have shown that a new PET/CT imaging technique can enable much more accurate diagnoses of a rare condition called cardiac sarcoidosis than current tests. More...
02 Aug 2017

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