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Image: GCRs and SPEs pose a significant threat to astronauts during space exploration (Photo courtesy of Rebecca Blue/ NASA).

Supercomputers Help Estimate Astronauts Radiation Risk

A new study reveals that a space vehicle with relatively minimal shielding and a high inclination polar orbit could expose astronauts to high exposures of cosmic radiation and solar particle events. More...
19 Apr 2018
Image: The NanoTek x-ray apron uses polymers instead of lead (Photo courtesy of Artemis Shielding).

Lead-Free Aprons Offer Alternative Radiation Shielding

Aprons made of thermoplastic polymer alloys and high atomic number elements can provide a highly effective barrier to x-ray radiation. More...
19 Mar 2018
Image: This Instadose + dosimeter use Bluetooth to transmit dose data (Photo courtesy of Mirion Technologies).

Connected Dosimeter Lowers Radiation Exposure Risk

A Bluetooth-enabled dosimeter provides immediate dose reads transmitted to smart phones, tablets, or Internet-enabled computers. More...
20 Feb 2018
Image: PET/CT images of 18F-FDS and 18F-FDG in inflamed mice (Photo courtesy of J Li et al/ UL).

PET Tracer Identifies and Tracks Bacterial Infections

A new positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) radiotracer can identify and track the degree of bacterial infection in lungs. More...
07 Feb 2018
Image: New FDA guidance recommends that imaging in children should be reduced to the necessary minimum (Photo courtesy of Shutterstock).

New Guidance for Child X-ray Exams

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued a new guidance that recommends medical X-ray imaging exams in children and younger patients be optimized to use the lowest radiation dose needed.
05 Feb 2018
Image: The Aspect ISR G3 mobile imaging table (Photo courtesy of IDI).

Imaging Table Provides Extended Positioning Capabilities

A new mobile imaging table for vascular surgery and endovascular procedures provides unique features, including maintaining focused anatomy centered even when rolled laterally. More...
22 Jan 2018
Image: A CT slice reconstruction of rabbit kitten lungs with absorption contrast CT at 0.16 m (a), Phase contrast CT at 2 m (b), and algorithm phase retrieval at 2 m (Photo courtesy of Monash University).

X-ray Algorithm May Reduce Radiation Doses by Thousands-Fold

X-ray phase-contrast imaging (PCI) can improve the visibility of soft tissues by an order of magnitude or more compared to conventional radiographs, according to a new study. More...
21 Dec 2017

The MedImaging Radiology channel covers fluoroscopy, digital radiography, computerized tomography, mammography, interventional radiology, and other medical uses of X-ray imaging as well as related instrumentation, trends and safety issues.
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