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General/Advanced Imaging

Image: A novel camera can detect photons passing through the body (Photo courtesy of Heriot-Watt University).

Photon Camera Sees through Human Body

A new imaging technique can overcome the limitations imposed by tissue scattering to optically determine the location of fiberoptic medical devices. More...
22 Sep 2017
Image: A new device allows concurrent medical imaging and neurological recording (Photo courtesy of Shannon Kane / Purdue).

MRI Device Bridges Neuro-Technologies for Medical Diagnostics

A smart, self-learning diagnostic device could allow patients to be monitored more effectively by performing concurrent medical imaging and recording. More...
21 Sep 2017
Image: Rhodamine dyes fluorescing under ultraviolet illumination (Photo courtesy of Jonathan Grimm/ HHMI).

Palette of Fluorescent Molecules Advance Biological Imaging

A new technique can create a colorful spectrum of fluorescent dyes by utilizing specific chemical molecules called rhodamines, claims a new study. More...
15 Sep 2017
Image: In a new study, MRI elastography demonstrates heterogenous distribution of stiffness in the kidney (Photo courtesy of Anish Kirpalani).

MRI Calculates Kidney Scarring without Biopsy

Noninvasive magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) elastography can measure kidney damage and predict future kidney function within one year, according to a new study. More...
15 Sep 2017
Image: A new study has shown that a new smartphone app, together with the phone’s camera, can be used to effectively measure blood-flow pressure waveforms in the CV system (Photo courtesy of RD Mag).

Smartphone App Offers Alternative to CV Ultrasound Scan

The results of a clinical trial have shown that a new smartphone application, together with the phone’s camera, can be used to effectively measure blood-flow pressure waveforms in the cardiovascular system. More...
13 Sep 2017
Image: A 2x2mm THz image taken on the silicon wafer (Photo courtesy on Stantchev et al).

Terahertz Imaging Speeds Up Skin Cancer Detection

A new terahertz (THz) imaging approach combines micron-scale resolution images and computational approaches designed to speed up image acquisition. More...
07 Sep 2017
Image: The MRS 9400 9.4T cryogen-free preclinical MRI system (Photo courtesy of MR Solutions).

Dry Magnet System Provides High-Resolution MRI

An innovative 9.4T cryogen-free magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system is seven times lighter than traditional MRI devices designed for preclinical applications. More...
06 Sep 2017

MedImaging General Imaging channel provides a portal into the less common imaging technologies such as diffuse optical tomography (NIR), optical coherence tomography, electrical impedance tomography and more.
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