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Nuclear medicine

Image: Mice with a P. aeruginosa-infected wound (left) and control mice (right), and sagittal slices from a micro PET/CT scan one hour after administration of the new tracer (Photo courtesy of Sam Gambhir, MD, PhD, Stanford University).

PET Technique Detects Bacterial Infections

A new non-invasive PET imaging technique has been developed that can detect bacterial infections, and monitor antibiotic therapy. More...
16 Oct 2017
Image: A new study confirms pelvic external beam therapy is preferred for treating endometrial cancer (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia).

Pelvic Radiation Recommended for Early Endometrial Cancer

A new study confirms that radiation alone offers better pelvic control and fewer severe side effects than a combination of brachytherapy and chemotherapy in women with early high-risk endometrial cancer. More...
12 Oct 2017
Image: New applications offer consistent and highly automated SRS planning (Photo courtesy of Brainlab).

Patient-Tailored Software Helps Plan Radiosurgery Treatment

Two new stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) software applications facilitate quick planning, spare organs at risk, and create highly conformal radiation doses in the brain and spine. More...
11 Oct 2017
Image: A novel system reduces fluoroscopy times during spine surgery (Photo courtesy of NuVasive).

Fluoroscopy Bundle Curbs Radiotherapy Exposure

A system comprised of propriety software algorithm and hardware components helps address over exposure to radiation in hospital operating rooms (OR), particularly in the case of minimally invasive spine surgery. More...
05 Oct 2017
Image: A new study shows the majority of women are satisfied with radiation therapy for breast cancer (Photo courtesy of iStockPhoto).

Breast Cancer Patients Report Better RT Experience

A new study shows that the radiation therapy (RT) experiences of breast cancer largely exceeded their expectations, and that the short- and long-term side effects are often better than anticipated. More...
04 Oct 2017
Image: Targeted theranostic therapy using RPS-027 (Photo courtesy of JM Kelly / Weill Cornell Medicine).

Double Targeting Ligands Identifies and Treats Prostate Cancer

A new study describes how a theranostic approach can precisely identify prostate cancer tumors for targeted radiotherapy (RT), while sparing healthy cells and reducing side effects. More...
27 Sep 2017
Image: The new CardioMD IV SPECT solution (Photo courtesy of Philips Healthcare).

New SPECT System Launched as Nuclear Cardiology Solution

A large global healthcare equipment manufacturer has highlighted a new nuclear cardiology solution that uses Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) technology, cardiac quantification software, and advanced reconstruction to improve the cardiac imaging workflow and diagnostic confidence. More...
26 Sep 2017
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