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Alpinion Presents New Range of High-Performance Diagnostic Equipment at RSNA 2022

By MedImaging International staff writers
Posted on 26 Nov 2022
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Image: The upgraded X-CUBE 90 on GPX and the value console X-CUBE 60 are being unveiled at RSNA 2022 (Photo courtesy of ALPINION)
Image: The upgraded X-CUBE 90 on GPX and the value console X-CUBE 60 are being unveiled at RSNA 2022 (Photo courtesy of ALPINION)

ALPINION Medical Systems (Seoul, South Korea) is presenting its new range of high-performance diagnostic equipment at the Radiological Society of North America's (RSNA) radiology conference. The conference being held in Chicago from November 27 to December 1, 2022, is showcasing the most exciting advancements in medical technology and clinical imagery.

Medical practitioners, clinical specialists, and radiology researchers at RSNA 2022 can look forward to demonstrations of ALPINION's newly upgraded X-CUBE Series: 90 and 70 on GPX and the newly launched value console unit: X-CUBE 60. The X-CUBE series aims to offer the highest level of ultrasound performance with precise clinical imaging and operational efficiency. The X-CUBE Series 90 and 70 on GPX have undergone a comprehensive system upgrade that integrates advanced diagnostic technologies with reduced noise and artifacts to provide excellent contrast resolution delicately. All three models are outfitted with advanced imaging acquisition technology that is capable of processing signals four times more, and 14 times faster than the existing platform, which allows healthcare providers to make each critical decision with maximum viewing and data interpretations and provide a precise diagnosis with confidence.

The X-CUBE 90 on GPX, which is being newly introduced at RSNA 2022, will showcase ALPINION's amassed imagery processing technologies - Attenuation Imaging (ATI) to objectively detect and quantify liver steatosis, Shearwave Elastography (SWE) to help diagnose liver cirrhosis and Brilliant Flow to show the blood flow in three dimensions on the device. The new X-CUBE 60 provides improved imaging performance and convenient usability by inheriting the X+ Architecture, whose excellent performance and quality have been proven in the market. The X-CUBE 60 features a high-performance imaging platform, an easy-to-use control panel and a digital keyboard, various automatic measurement functions, X+ Assistant supporting customized workflows, an online support system, a light weight of 70kg, and a compact design.

At RSNA 2022, ALPINION is also unveiling its performance-based portable ultrasound series, the X-CUBE i9 laptop-style unit which offers incisive capabilities, extended functionalities, and streamlined workflow to achieve more mobility, flexibility, and affordability in order to counter the ever-growing patient demand for imaging solutions. The 2022 RSNA annual meeting marks a new phase in the company’s history, as ALPINION expands globally through new partnerships, new market opportunities, and representation in newly unfolding channels.

"The new Alpinion chapter comes with a new focus, new designs, and new technology. Our ultrasound products reliably perform at the highest standard of quality while serving as the industry's best value option," said Mr. Kevin Chun, CEO of ALPINION USA.

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