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29 Sep 2016 - 01 Oct 2016
07 Oct 2016 - 08 Oct 2016


Image: The Aixplorer ultrasound system (Photo courtesy of Supersonic Imagine).

Release of Major Upgrade for Ultrasound Platform Announced

A company specializing in ultrasound systems for medical imaging has announced the release of a software upgrade that includes enhanced performance, improved efficiency and workflow, a new breast package, a real-time simultaneous mode with SWE, and a dedicated package for pre-clinical and clinical research. More...
26 Sep 2016
Image: Breast cancer shown in 3D (Photo courtesy of the U.S. FDA).

New Diagnostics Technology Using 3D Ultrasonic Holography Unveiled

A non-profit company dedicated to providing technological innovations, products and services to promote sustainable resource management and an improved quality of life, has developed a transducer for 3D holographic, non-invasive, ultrasound exams of the abdomen, breasts, or joints. More...
20 Sep 2016
Image: The new compact portable battery-operated ultrasound system (Photo courtesy of GE Healthcare).

New Compact Portable Battery-Operated Ultrasound System Announced

A large healthcare equipment manufacturer has released a new high-performance, battery-powered diagnostic ultrasound system. More...
19 Sep 2016
Image: A physician conducts a first-trimester ultrasound exam (Photo courtesy of Science Daily).

Autism Severity Linked to First-Trimester Ultrasound

A new study supports experimental evidence that exposure to ultrasound early in gestation could increase autism spectrum disorder (ASD) severity. More...
14 Sep 2016

Imaging Technique Provides Physicians and Researchers with New Tools

A new optical imaging technique called biophotonics is providing researchers and clinicians with new non-invasive imaging tools to study biological molecules, tissue, and cells. More...
12 Sep 2016
Image: A 3D reconstruction of patient’s head with transducer (L); axial view of the transducer and approximate thalamic target (R) (Photo courtesy of Martin Monti/ UCLA).

Targeted Ultrasound Reboots Brain Following Coma

Ultrasonic stimulation in order to excite the neurons in the thalamus could be used to treat severe brain injury, according to a new study. More...
08 Sep 2016

New Integrated Imaging Portfolio for Cardiology Care Cycle

A global player in the manufacturing of imaging equipment has unveiled a complete integrated imaging portfolio for complex cardiology procedures including a real-time 3D ultrasound system, dual-source cardiac CT scanner, and heart MRI system for analysis of heart muscle health. More...
06 Sep 2016

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