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Three New Studies Detail Effects of Zika Virus on Brain

The results of three new studies into the effects of the Zika virus disease in Brazil revealed multiple types of congenital brain damage. More...
29 Nov 2016
Image: Microbubbles could someday help detect breast cancer (Photo courtesy of TUE).

Radiation-Free Alternative to Mammogram on the Horizon

A new, accurate, ultrasonic mammography method could help identify cancerous tumors by blood vessels structure, without radiation, according to a new study. More...
25 Nov 2016
Image: The Lucid M1 transcranial doppler ultrasound system (Photo courtesy of Neural Analytics).

Portable Ultrasound System Monitors Brain Blood Flow

A fully portable, transcranial Doppler (TCD) diagnostic ultrasound system assesses blood vessels in the brain in order to facilitate rapid triaging and monitoring of patients with brain disorders. More...
16 Nov 2016
Image: An increase in fatty lipids in liver tissue is shown in blue using the H-scan format, compared to normal tissue (Photo courtesy of Professor Kevin Parker).

Adding Color to Ultrasound Helps Differentiate Structures

A new study describes how novel algorithms incorporate color identification into grey ultrasound (US) images, helping to differentiate fine details. More...
15 Nov 2016

New Radiation-Free Screening Alternative in Development

Researchers in the Netherlands are developing an alternative breast cancer screening method that can identify tumors by the blood vessels surrounding it. More...
15 Nov 2016
Clear Image Devices
Image: The S4-1 POC cardiac transducer and Lumify system (Photo courtesy of Philips Healthcare).

Innovative Transducer Expands Emergency Cardiac Ultrasound

A new portable transducer frees physicians in emergency care situations of time and mobility restrictions incurred by locating an available ultrasound cart. More...
04 Nov 2016
Image: A new study casts doubt on the assumption that LIPUS treatment can improve the chances of recovery after surgery for a shinbone fracture (Photo courtesy of Bioventus Global/Handout).

Study Suggests Fractures Not Improved by Post-Surgery Ultrasound Treatment

The results of a new clinical trial indicate that treatment using Low-Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound (LIPUS), following surgery to repair a bone fracture may not improve the chances of recovery, despite popular belief that it does. More...
04 Nov 2016

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