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Report Highlights the Importance of Avoiding Unnecessary Computed Tomography Scans

A report claims that approximately one third of the 80 million CT exams performed in the US every year serve no medical purpose.  More...
02 Mar 2015
Image: Plaque abnormalities in the brain of a mouse (left), and brain tissue treated with MR imaging-guided focused ultrasound (right) (Photo courtesy of Kullervo Hynynen, Sunnybrook Research Institute).

Alzheimer's Disease Symptoms Reversed for the First Time

Researchers at the Sunnybrook Research Institute, have found a way to reverse some of the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, using Magnetic Resonance imaging-guided focused ultrasound.   More...
24 Feb 2015
Image: Enovare uro Ultrasound System (Photo courtesy of Enovare).

New Integrated System for Prostate Biopsies Using Ultrasound Imaging with MRI Guidance

A new, advanced ultrasound system has been released that enables urologists to perform prostate biopsies using stereotactic ultrasound imaging and system-integrated Magnetic Resonance Imaging guidance in a single integrated device.  More...
23 Feb 2015
Image: The SignosRT Scanner (Photo courtesy of Signostics).

US FDA Announces Clearance for New Handheld Bladder Scanner

A new, portable handheld ultrasound bladder scanner has received United States Food and Drug Administration 510(k) clearance.  More...
11 Feb 2015
Image: Dynamic High-Resolution US of Ankle and Midfoot Ligaments: Normal Anatomic Structure and Imaging Technique (Photo courtesy of RadioGraphics Journal).

High-Resolution Ultrasound and MRI for Management of Peroneal Tendon Injuries

Diagnosis of patients with chronic lateral ankle pain, from a sprained ankle for example, needs to include investigation for possible damage to the peroneal tendon complex according to research published in the January-February 2015 issue of the Radiological Society of North America RadioGraphics journal.  More...
09 Feb 2015

Trend Toward Smaller Ultrasound Devices as Sales Increase

World market revenues for the ultrasound sector in 2014 were USD 5.8 billion, while market growth rate was 5%. Factors like the absence of radiation, the smaller form factor, and the relative low cost compared to other imaging technologies have fueled the trend. Growth is expected to continue until 2018.  More...
25 Jan 2015

Guidelines Released for Quantitative Monitoring of Critically Ill and Surgery Patients Using Echocardiography

The American Society of Echocardiography has published clinical guidelines describing how and when echocardiography can be used for medical and surgical therapy in adult patients. The guidelines were published in the January 2015 issue of the American Society of Echocardiography.  More...
21 Jan 2015

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