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Image: Leading German anesthetists Drs. Wolf Armbruster, Rüdiger Eichholz, and Thomas Notheisen have collaborated to develop the Armbruster Eichholz Notheisen (AEN) training concept for ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia (Photo courtesy of Management and Krankenhaus).

Point-of-Care Ultrasound Training Program Established for Regional Anesthesiologists

Regional anesthesia specialists have developed an innovative ultrasound training program.  More...
15 Oct 2014
Image: A “virtual breast” image is part of a software program designed by Michigan Tech’s Jingfeng Jiang. Healthcare professionals could use the software to learn how to better read ultrasound elastography images, which are used to detect cancer (Photo courtesy of Michigan Technological University).

“Virtual Breast” Designed to Enhance Ultrasound Elastography Cancer Detection

A virtual breast has been developed to help train clinicians in the use of ultrasound elastography. The technique has the potential for improving cancer detection, but only if the results are interpreted accurately.  More...
15 Oct 2014

Ultrasound System Visualizes Complete Blood Flow during Interventional Heart Valve Procedures

A new ultrasound cardiovascular imaging system provides live, full-volume color Doppler imaging of heart valve anatomy and blood flow using a new true volume transesophageal echo probe.   More...
09 Oct 2014
Image: An ultrasound of the bladder showing a ureter blocked by a kidney stone (Photo courtesy of UCSF).

CT Scans Are No More Effective Than Ultrasound Detecting Kidney Stones

To diagnose agonizing kidney stones in hospital emergency room environments, computed tomography scans have been found to be no better than less frequently-used ultrasound exams, according to a clinical study performed at 15 US medical centers.   More...
02 Oct 2014
Image: Although clinically important, parents-to-be can be dismayed with the blurry gray image that appears with the first scan of their baby. This colored 3D image was captured using the Voluson E10 ultrasound system (Photo courtesy of GE healthcare).

Ultrasound Scanner Offers Enhanced View of Fetus

Using new ultrasound technology, clinicians can now visualize fetuses in the womb with unprecedented detail, allowing treatment that can be planned comprehensively before the baby is even born.  More...
24 Sep 2014

Ultrasound System Designed for Ob/Gyn Applications

New ultrasound technology is designed to provide excellent image and streamlined productivity in workflow through highly functional features for women’s health.  More...
22 Sep 2014

Ultrasound System Designed to Reduce High Patient Volume Pressures in Hospitals and Clinics

A new ultrasound system has been designed to enable hospitals and healthcare clinics to handle the demands of increasing patient volumes and cost pressures.   More...
18 Sep 2014

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