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General/Advanced Imaging

Image: A high-definition multimodal SFE of the carotid artery (Photo courtesy of U-M).

Laser-Based Angioscope Improves Carotid Artery Scanning

A novel scanning fiber endoscope (SFE) acquires high-quality images of atherosclerotic lesions in the carotid artery that may not be detected with conventional radiological techniques. More...
23 Feb 2017
Image: A soft PMA (purple) compared to a hard PMA (red) (Photo courtesy of NIBIB).

Elastography Imaging Assesses Pituitary Tumor Stiffness

A new study reveals that magnetic resonance elastography (MRE) can reliably identify pituitary macroadenoma (PMA) tumors soft enough for removal with minimally invasive surgery. More...
17 Feb 2017
Image: The Infinity radiation therapy system (Photo courtesy of Elekta).

New European Partnership Designed to Increase Radiation Therapy Awareness

A new partnership has been agreed between a European cancer foundation and a human care company to optimize patient access to state-of-the-art radiation therapy in Europe. More...
15 Feb 2017
Image: The diagram shows how the Laurel Bridge Software layer solution can be implemented in a hospital with an outpatient center (Photo courtesy of Laurel Bridge Software).

Implementation of Medical Imaging Workflow Solution Results in Savings

Enterprise medical imaging workflow solutions enable healthcare institutions to improve patient care and reduce costs. More...
15 Feb 2017
Image: New research asserts that CT scans can help detect blunt injury in trauma patients (Photo courtesy of GE Healthcare).

CT Scans Help Detect Blunt Injury in Trauma Patients

Advances in diagnostic imaging technology over the past 30 years have led to a six-fold increase in blunt cerebrovascular injury (BCVI) detection rates, according to a new study. More...
10 Feb 2017
Image: The image shows an X-ray of a sprained ankle (Photo courtesy of iStock).

Misdiagnosed Injuries May Result in Long-Term Disabilities

The results of a new clinical review study show the importance of obtaining a second opinion, and additional imaging for misdiagnosed foot and ankle injuries. More...
08 Feb 2017
Image: A Siemens vascular room with an old CRT and a new Modalixx LCD side by side (Photo courtesy of Ampronix).

LCD Display Sets Universal Standard for Medical Imaging

A new solution aids in the transition of imaging systems dependent on cathode ray tube (CRT) displays to liquid crystal diode (LCD). More...
02 Feb 2017

MedImaging General Imaging channel provides a portal into the less common imaging technologies such as diffuse optical tomography (NIR), optical coherence tomography, electrical impedance tomography and more.
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