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Additional Aggressive Cancers Can Be Found Using Breast MRI Following Mammography Screening

The results of a study published online in the journal Radiology have shown that performing MRI scans, after the discovery of mammography breast cancer findings, sometimes shows larger and more aggressive tumors than those discovered in mammography.  More...
25 Nov 2015

Study Suggests HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorders Can Be Predicted Before Symptoms Appear

The results of a study of “cognitively normal” HIV-infected adults aged 50 and over show that behavioral and neuroimaging tests could enable clinicians to identifying noninvasive diagnostic predictors of HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorders.  More...
24 Nov 2015
Image: Delivery of a 3-T fMRI Scanner to University MRI at the Research Park at Florida Atlantic University (Photo courtesy of FAU and University MRI).

Agreement Signed for Access to Human Brain Imaging Facility

Two universities in the US have agreed to cooperate on neuroscience research using the latest imaging technology for all modalities.  More...
15 Nov 2015

Installation of First High-Field MRI-Guided Linear Accelerator Completed

A leading Imaging vendor, and a company creating clinical solutions for treating cancer and brain disorders, has installed the first high-field MRI-guided linear accelerator in a US hospital.  More...
10 Nov 2015
Image: Perfusion differences between ASD and typically developing children (Photo courtesy of UCLA).

Social Brain Is Functionally Impaired in Autism Spectrum Disorder

A novel imaging study shows that brain areas linked to social behavior are both underdeveloped and insufficiently networked in youths with high functioning autism spectrum disorder.  More...
09 Nov 2015
Medical Imaging Innovations
Image: MRI of Johnathan Hewis' brain. Mr. Hewis was quoted as saying, “Had a lovely nap in the MRI machine” (Photo courtesy of Johnathan Hewis).

Research Shows MRI Patients’, Their Family and Friends’ Reactions on Twitter Provide Useful Feedback

The results of a new study have shown that tweets can give clinicians useful feedback about patient experiences during Magnetic Resonance Imaging imaging exams.  More...
04 Nov 2015
Image: Dr. Jorge Fernández de la Torre and the MRI at San José Tec (Photo courtesy of Siemens).

Total MRI Imaging Helps Detect Prostate Cancer

A new approach to magnetic resonance imaging can assist in the detection of prostate cancer without using an invasive endorectal probe.  More...
03 Nov 2015

MedImaging's MRI channel in addition to reporting on MR hardware, informs about the many magnetic resonance applications possible with the technique notably MRI, fMRI, diffusion MRI, MR angiography, MR guided surgery, in addition to industry developments, and safety issues.
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