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Use of Ultrasound, CT, CTE, and MRE to Predict the Severity of Crohn's Disease Compared

Researchers have reported on the results of a study investigating the effectiveness of ultrasound, for patients with Crohn's disease.   More...
23 Mar 2015

Bayer Shows its Latest Development in MR Injectors

The latest contrast delivery and management innovation from Bayer HealthCare takes the form of the Medrad MRXperion magnetic resonance Injection System, launched at the European Congress of Radiology 2015 in Vienna.   More...
10 Mar 2015

Precancerous Breast Changes in Women with BRCA Gene Identified Using MR Spectroscopy

A Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy technique found multiple distinct premalignant changes in the biochemistry of breast tissue of women at high risk of breast cancer. The same changes were not recorded by conventional contrast-enhanced imaging 3-T Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and Ultrasound.  More...
09 Mar 2015
Image: Esaote’s G-scan Brio weight-bearing MRI system. (Photo courtesy of Esaote).

Upgrade for Entire MRI Portfolio Launched by Esaote

An Italian company launches across-the-board Upgrade of MRI hardware and software systems.  More...
08 Mar 2015
Image: MR Solutions’ Cryogen-free 4.7-T MRI Scanner (Photo courtesy of MR Solutions).

New Preclinical Cryogen-Free 4.7-T MRI System Revealed

A new Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanner uses an innovative dry magnet design with low running costs, and a standard low-temperature refrigerator, instead of liquid helium, to cool the magnet to the required 4 K.  More...
03 Mar 2015

Report Highlights the Importance of Avoiding Unnecessary Computed Tomography Scans

A report claims that approximately one third of the 80 million CT exams performed in the US every year serve no medical purpose.  More...
02 Mar 2015

New MRI Procedure Can Accurately Classify or Rule Out Suspected Prostate Carcinoma

A novel noninvasive Magnetic Resonance Imaging method has been developed to detect or rule out prostate carcinomas.   More...
02 Mar 2015

MedImaging's MRI channel in addition to reporting on MR hardware, informs about the many magnetic resonance applications possible with the technique notably MRI, fMRI, diffusion MRI, MR angiography, MR guided surgery, in addition to industry developments, and safety issues.
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