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Image: Example of an MR image of a control subject’s brain on top and a chronic fatigue brain on bottom. The ventricles are larger in the chronic fatigue syndrome patient, and there is less white matter. Abnormal microstructure is present on one side in the white matter in chronic fatigue syndrome (Photo courtesy of Michael Zeineh, Stanford University).

Diffusion-Tensor MRI Shows Brain Abnormalities in Patients with Chronic Fatigue

Radiology researchers have discovered that the brains of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome have reduced white matter and white matter abnormalities in the right hemisphere of the brain. They used neuroimaging techniques to examine the brains of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome and healthy people, and found distinct differences between the two groups.  More...
12 Nov 2014
Image: Ultra-high-field MRI reveals language centers in the brain in much more detail (Photo courtesy of Medical University of Vienna).

Ultrahigh-Field fMRI Reveals Language Hubs in the Brain in Great Detail

For the first time, new research has demonstrate that the areas of the brain that are important for understanding language can be targeted much more effectively using ultrahigh-field, 7 Tesla MRI technology than with standard clinical MRI scanners. This helps to protect these areas more effectively during brain surgery and avoid inadvertently damaging it.   More...
12 Nov 2014
Supersonic Imagine
PHS Technologies

Pacemakers Receive CE Mark with Options for MRI

A range of pacemakers have received CE marking approval, and they are the first to enable patients to undergo full-body magnetic resonance imaging scans in both 1.5 Tesla and 3.0 Tesla systems.  More...
10 Nov 2014
Image: Separated bilateral occipital, unilateral temporal and bilateral frontal activations overlaid onto a brain model of the fetus (MRI reconstruction) (Photo courtesy of Medical University of Vienna).

fMRI Reveals Fetal Brain Development

A new investigational imaging approach using functional magnetic resonance imaging technology is offering clues into fetal brain development. These resulting in vivo images are revealing different stages of fetal brain development. German researchers have observed that regions of the brain that are later responsible for sight are already active at this stage.  More...
05 Nov 2014
Image: This scan depicts patterns of the vegetative patient’s electrical activity over the head when they attended to the designated words, and when they when they were distracted by novel but irrelevant words (Photo courtesy of clinical Neurosciences).

Imaging Shows Vegetative State Patients Aware and Attentive

Scientists have found hidden signatures in the brains of individuals in a vegetative state, which point to networks that could support consciousness even when a patient appears to be unconscious and unresponsive. The new research could help physicians identify patients who are aware in spite of being unable to communicate.  More...
03 Nov 2014
Image: MagLab’s 900 MHz magnet (Photo courtesy of FSU – Florida State University).

High Magnetic Field MRI Technology Provides Comprehensive Analysis of Strokes

A new, novel way to categorize the severity of a stroke, help in diagnosis, and assesse potential treatments has been demonstrated by US researchers.   More...
21 Oct 2014

Pacing Lead for Full-Body MRI Scans Approved for Use in Patients with a Slow Heartbeat

A new magnetic resonance imaging pacing lead is approved in the United States for MRI scans positioned on any region of the body when used with a Medtronic dual-chamber MR-conditional pacemaker for patients with a slow heartbeat.  More...
21 Oct 2014

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