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Image: The image shows MRI scans of one patient, taken before and after treatment, and reveals the correlation between the area and size of bleeding after treatment, and the disruption to the blood-brain barrier before therapy (Photo courtesy of Dr. Leigh, NINDS).

Novel Imaging Technique Could Predict Brain Bleeding Following a Stroke

Scientists in the US have used MRI brain scans of stroke patients to confirm the relationship between the extent that the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) has been disrupted, and the severity of bleeding, after invasive stroke therapy. More...
28 Jun 2016
Image: A multi-scale MRI model of the human heart (Photo courtesy of the University of Glasgow).

Cardiac MRI Can Predict Future Heart Failure

A new study suggests that magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can be used after a heart attack to monitor heart muscle bleeding, which happens in phases. More...
22 Jun 2016
Image: The image on the left is a magnetic resonance image (MRI) of a prostate enhanced with restriction spectrum imaging (RSI). The higher-grade tumor is indicated by orange and yellow. The image on the right is a digitized section of the prostate with the tumors outlined with blue dotted lines (Photo courtesy of UC San Diego Health).

Restriction Spectrum Imaging with MRI Used to Predict Prostate Cancer Tumor Grade

The results of a new study indicate that RSI biomarkers can be used to enhance the ability of MRI to detect prostate cancer tumors, and predict their grade and stage of development, and enable improved treatment options. More...
22 Jun 2016
Image: The illustration shows communication in the brain between neurons and blood vessels (Photo courtesy of Emma Vought, Medical University of South Carolina).

Research Suggests fMRI May Not Map Neuronal Circuitry Precisely

Research results published ahead of print, in the May 25, 2016, online issue of Nature, suggest that discrepancies between vascular and neural responses could point towards limits in the use of functional MR Imaging (fMRI) for precise imaging of neural networks in the brain. More...
20 Jun 2016
Image: The new Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre is expected to become one of the top neuroimaging facilities in Europe (Photo courtesy of CUBRIC).

Brain Research Facility Set to become a Top Neuro-Imaging Research Center in Europe

A new brain research imaging center in Wales, UK, that will employ MRI systems to improve neurology and psychiatric treatments for the human brain, has been officially opened. More...
15 Jun 2016
Image: The Destrieux atlas shows the manual parcellation and the anatomical regions of one hemisphere of the human brain (Photo courtesy of Dr. Lena Palaniyappan).

MRI Data Shows Human Brain Can Reverse Effects of Schizophrenia

The results of an international study indicate that the brains of schizophrenia patients can heal, and can reorganize and fight the disease. More...
14 Jun 2016
Image: The EU-funded Horizon 2020 GlucoCEST Imaging in Neoplastic Tumours Project (Photo courtesy of GLINT 2016).

MR Imaging Technique Promises More Reliable Cancer Screening and Diagnosis

A project to develop a novel advanced medical imaging technology is intended to enable earlier detection of cancer, increase survival rates, and allow for a patients’ full recovery. More...
13 Jun 2016

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