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Evaluating the Benefits of Integrating Angiographic Imaging Capabilities in a Hybrid Operating Suite

Many hospitals world-wide are considering investing in hybrid operating suites that integrate angiographic imaging with surgical techniques. Institutions that could benefit most from a hybrid suite include university hospitals, large hospitals, and those specialized in vascular surgery. Such institutions are already equipped... Read more


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Restriction Spectrum MRI Technique Improves Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer

New magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology could soon translate into more effective diagnoses and less invasive interventions for prostate cancer. Investigators have recently reported on the innovative imaging technique, which measurably improves upon current prostate imaging, and may have significant implications... Read more


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Update Guidelines Published for Echo Cardiac Chamber Quantification in Adults

Updates to the international standard for quantification of the size and function of the cardiac chamber are a result of the fast pace of technological advance in echocardiography and associated changes in the way it is practiced. A team assembled by the American Society of Echocardiography (ASE; Morrisville, NC, USA)... Read more

Nuclear medicine

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Agreement to Boost Innovation in Nuclear Medicine Radioactive Tracers

An agreement has been signed that will innovate and increase the availability of tracers for Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanning. The agreement includes the building of a new cyclotron PET tracer production center. Radiologists use small amounts of tracers in patients together with a PET scanner to help diagnose... Read more

General/Advanced Imaging

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Image: Dr. Miles was part of the team that helped identify facial measurements in children with autism that may lead to a screening tool for young children and provide clues to its genetic causes (Photo courtesy of Rebecca F. Miller).

Advanced 3D Facial Imaging Designed to Help in Early Identification of Autism

Autism is a range of closely related disorders observed in patients who exhibit a shared assortment of symptoms, including delays in learning to communicate and interrelate socially. Early detection of... Read more

Imaging IT

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Potential Cost of Data Breaches of Protected Health Information Could Reach USD 5.6 Billion Annually

The healthcare industry and institutions face an ever-increasing threat of data breaches to clinical and patient information. Cybercriminals are attracted to Protected Health Information (PHI) such as Social Security Numbers (SSN) on Medicare cards, and other sensitive medical information stored online on an institutions'... Read more

Industry News

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Company Developing Cerenkov Luminescence Imaging Technologies Raises Funding for Innovative Products

A developer of novel imaging technologies has received GBP 2 million in funding to help bring its lead products to market in 2015. The products, currently in clinical trials at Guy's Hospital (Great Maze Pond, London, United Kingdom) can help surgeons detect cancer in real-time during surgery using optical detection... Read more

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