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Image: Varian’s Edge radiosurgery system (Photo courtesy of Varian).

New Radiosurgery Technology Used to Treat Tumors Encroaching on Patient’s Spinal Cord

A 71-year-old man with a tumor encroaching on his spinal cord was among the first individuals to receive treatment using a new radiosurgery system. The radiosurgery platform provides clinicians with a... Read more


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Image: Analogic’s bk3000 ultrasound system is designed for the field of emergency medicine (Photo courtesy of Analogic).

Ultrasound System Developed for Emergency Medicine Applications

A new ultrasound system has been designed for the challenging and rapidly growing market of emergency medicine, as a result of ultrahigh resolution imaging and Doppler capabilities enabled by advanced architecture.... Read more

Nuclear medicine

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Proton Therapy for Early Stage Breast Cancer Less Expensive Than Various Alternative Radiotherapy Techniques

Patients with early stage breast cancer may benefit from accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI) using proton therapy versus whole breast irradiation (WBI), in terms of duration of treatment and cost. In a cost analysis study based on typical patient characteristics, researchers used Medicare reimbursement codes... Read more

General/Advanced Imaging

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Image: A collaborative effort between EPFL, CNRS, ENS Lyon, CPE Lyon, and ETH Zürich has led to the development of a novel approach that can considerably improve the capabilities of medical imaging with safer procedures for the patient (Photo courtesy of EPFL - Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne).

Collaboration to Make Diagnostic Medical Imaging Less Hazardous Using Hyperpolarization Agents

A collaborative effort by scientists has led to the development of an innovative strategy that can considerably improve the capabilities of medical imaging with safer procedures for the patient.... Read more

Imaging IT

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Image: The Carestream Vue RIS addresses specific needs of healthcare providers worldwide (Photo courtesy of Carestream).

RIS Shares Patient’s Clinical History with Images for Referring Physicians

The latest version of a radiology information system (RIS) offers significant features that can enhance workflow and address specific needs of healthcare providers worldwide. The system now offers a clinical... Read more

Industry News

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USD 12 Billion Out of Total Spent on Medical Imaging Squandered in the US

The United States wastes close to USD 12 billion on unnecessary medical imaging yearly, according to a new survey of 196 hospital leaders. Smart data company peer60 (American Fork, UT, USA) surveyed 196 healthcare leaders about medical imaging in less than two weeks and found a number of reasons for the squandered resources.... Read more


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