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Image: The FlowSens Syringe-Free CT Contrast Injection System (Photo courtesy of Medex).

Syringe-Free Hydraulic Injection System for CT Launched

A new contrast injection system delivers computerized tomography (CT) contrast injections without using any syringes, utilizing only soft bags. The FlowSens Syringe-Free CT Contrast Injection System... Read more


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Image: The Ingevity range is a comprehensive set of leads that can be placed using a 6 French introducer, including passive and active fixation models (Photo courtesy of Boston Scientific).

CE Marking Approval and First Implants of MRI Pacing Leads Announced

A range of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-compatible pacing leads has received the European CE marking, and the company that developed the leads recently announced the European market launch.... Read more


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Image: Ultrasound image of a lung (Photo courtesy of JP Rathmell).

Ultrasound Can identify Pregnant Woman with Preeclampsia at Risk for Respiratory Failure

Ultrasound imaging of the lungs could help clinicians rapidly determine if a pregnant woman with preeclampsia is at risk for respiratory failure. The study’s findings were published in the April 2014... Read more

Nuclear medicine

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Image: A new study by Oxford scientists has found that thousands more women with breast cancer should be given radiotherapy as part of their treatment for the disease (Photo courtesy of GlowImages / Corbis).

Radiotherapy After Mastectomy Helpful to Women with Breast Cancer That Metastasized to Only a Few Lymph Nodes

Women whose breast cancer has metastasized to only a few lymph nodes under their arm are less likely to have a recurrence of their disease or to die from it if they have radiotherapy after mastectomy,... Read more

General/Advanced Imaging

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Secondary Light Emission Generated by Plasmonic Nanostructures May Improve Medical Imaging Technology

New clues into light emission at different wavelengths generated by elements known plasmonic nanostructures may help to improve medical imaging technology. A plasmon is a quantum of plasma oscillation. The plasmon is a quasiparticle resulting from the quantization of plasma oscillations just as photons, and phonons are... Read more

Imaging IT

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Software Designed for the Assessment of Orthopedic Implant Fixation and Bone Segment Motion

Model-based roentgen stereophotogrammetric analysis (MBRSA) software has been developed for evaluation of orthopedic implant fixation and bone segment motion. The software is the first to measure the in vivo three-dimensional (3D) position and/or relative motion of metal implants, markers beads, and/or bone segments in... Read more

Industry News

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Collaboration for Radiotherapy Microphere Drug Development for the Treatment of Primary and Secondary Liver Cancer

Sirtex Medical, Ltd. (Sydney, Australia) and Guerbet, SA (Villepinte, France) are entering into a clinical studies collaboration in primary and secondary (metastatic) liver cancer. The aim of the collaboration is to examine how Sirtex’s SIR-Spheres microspheres and Guerbet’s Lipiodol Ultra Fluid may be combined or sequenced... Read more

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