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Image: This shows a 3D print model used in surgical planning (Photo courtyes of RSNA).

3D Printing and CT Imaging Used to Guide Human Face Transplants

Surgeons are using computed tomography imaging and three-dimensional printing technology to reconstruct life-size models of patients’ heads to help better control the outcome in face transplantation surgery.    More...
17 Dec 2014

X-Ray Imaging Components Optimized for Flexibility and Fast Patient Throughput

X-ray imaging components have been designed for high-speed, wireless, and advanced digital imaging systems.  More...
17 Dec 2014
PCI Precision Charts
Supersonic Imagine

In Veterans with PTSD, PET/CT Imaging Reveals Pituitary Abnormalities

Hybrid imaging with positron emission tomography and computed tomography in the pituitary region of the brain has been shown to be a potential new approach for distinguishing military veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder from those with mild traumatic brain injury.  More...
16 Dec 2014
Image: The Xineos range of real time, low dose complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) flat X-ray detectors (Photo courtesy of Teledyne Dalsa).

Dynamic CMOS Flat X-Ray Detectors Designed for Interventional Procedures

Radiation-hard detectors with improved dose performance and extended dynamic range provides switchable saturation dose, low dissipation power and built-in gain, offset and defect correction, a range of radiation-hard detectors are versatile, effective, and easy to integrate.   More...
11 Dec 2014

Computer-Aided Detection System Developed for Cancer Diagnosis

New computer-aided detection technology has been developed, which includes solutions for the dearly detection of breast and colon cancers.  More...
10 Dec 2014

Dose Monitoring Solution Partnership Initiated to Optimize Radiation Exposure Data Across Modalities, Departments, and Institutions

A new system helps organizations to manage, analyze and balance their radiation dose management.  More...
10 Dec 2014
Image: The AlluraClarity imaging platform (Photo courtesy of RSNA).

Imaging Technology May Slash X-Ray Exposure for Liver Cancer Patients

Researchers reported that their evaluation of an interventional X-ray guidance device approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in 2013 has the potential to reduce the radiation exposure of patients undergoing intra-arterial therapy for liver cancer.  More...
10 Dec 2014

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