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Reprogramming Stem Cells May Suppress Cancer after Radiotherapy

The body has developed strategies of purging defective stem cells. A new study has revealed that one of these ways is a “program” that makes stem cells damaged by radiation differentiate into other cells that can no longer survive forever.   More...
27 Jan 2015
Image: Carestream DRX-Revolution Mobile X-ray System with Wireless DRX Detector (Photo courtesy of Carestream).

Wireless Transmission of Digital Radiography Images to PACS Enhances Portable Radiography Workflow

Researchers evaluated the workflow and performance of the DDR and CR systems by timing and evaluating transmission of chest X-ray examinations to a PACS.  More...
26 Jan 2015

New Patient-Centered Tool Devised to Record Side Effects of Radiotherapy

Researchers have investigated a patient-centered approach to evaluating the side effects of radiotherapy and have shown that it may be able to optimize the detection and management of treatment-related toxicity.  More...
21 Jan 2015

Evaluating the Benefits of Integrating Angiographic Imaging Capabilities in a Hybrid Operating Suite

Many hospitals world-wide are considering investing in hybrid operating suites that integrate angiographic imaging with surgical techniques. Institutions that could benefit most from a hybrid suite include university hospitals, large hospitals, and those specialized in vascular surgery.   More...
21 Jan 2015

International Trial Shows Non-Contrast Renal MRA Accurate in Detecting Renal Artery Stenosis

Since a US Food and Drug Administration warning in 2006 about the risks associated with the use of gadolinium-containing contrast agents in patients with acute renal failure, chronic kidney disease, or end-stage renal disease, companies have been trying to develop Magnetic Resonance Angiography techniques that do not rely on contrast agents.  More...
19 Jan 2015
Image: In 2015, Micropos will release an upcoming RayPilot transmitter for positioning, in situ dosimetry, and automatic patient identification (Photo courtesy of Micropos).

Electromagnetic Positioning and Real-Time Surface Tracking System for Radiotherapy Approved for Use in Europe

An electromagnetic positioning and real-time surface transmitter can be used anywhere on the outside of the body, where motions during radiation treatment needs to be detected or monitored. An example for use of the device is during respiratory motions, which are important to monitor during radiotherapy of, for instance, left-sided breast cancer.  More...
14 Jan 2015
Image: 3-D Representation of the Heart and Coronary Arteries (Photo courtesy of HeartFlow).

Noninvasive Test Approved for the Evaluation of Coronary Artery Disease

The US Food and Drug Administration have allowed marketing of the HeartFlow FFR-CT software.  More...
14 Jan 2015

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