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Injectable Spacer Reduces Radiotherapy Consequences

A novel spacer separates the rectum from the prostate during radiotherapy, potentially reducing the risk of adjacent organ-at-risk injury.   More...
24 Jun 2015

Breakthrough Software Manages CT Protocols

A first-of-a-kind software that can automate Computed Tomography protocol management has been released by a major medical imaging vendor.  More...
23 Jun 2015

Pediatric Radiation Dose Reduction Key Factor in Selection of DR Systems

X-Ray dose reduction potential was a key factor in the decision of the Washington DC metropolitan area Children’s National Health System to install new Direct Radiography systems.   More...
22 Jun 2015

New Breast Cancer Screening Recommendations Released by IARC

A report on breast cancer screening recommends inclusion of older patients in screening programs. More...
22 Jun 2015

Assurance Program Helps Reduce Radiation Dose and Improve CT Scanner Performance

A new assurance program provided by a major radiology and cardiovascular systems manufacturer is helping existing Computed Tomography customers lower the radiation dose for patients, and improve the performance and compliance of their CT scanners.  More...
10 Jun 2015

Best Practices and Education for Radiation Safety Shared by Physicians Using New Peer Community Site

An X-ray quality assurance solutions vendor has created a first-of-a-kind community for physicians to learn and share the risks of radiation exposure, and measures they can use to protect themselves.  More...
07 Jun 2015

Survival Rates for Early Stage Lung Cancer Improved with Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy

The results of a first-of-a-kind randomized clinical trial that compared the use of Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy and surgery for patients with operable Stage I Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer suggests that the radiotherapy treatment increases the overall survival rate.  More...
03 Jun 2015

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