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Agfa Healthcare


Image: Agfa HealthCare’s DX-D Mobile Retrofit solution will allow hospitals an easy and affordable way to upgrade existing GE Healthcare’s AMX 4 and 4 plus mobile X-ray systems to direct radiography (DR) (Photo courtesy of Agfa Healthcare).

Retrofit Enables Cost-Effective Upgrade of Existing Mobile X-Ray Systems to Direct Radiography

A mobile retrofit system has been designed to be mounted on mobile X-ray systems to create an easy way for hospitals to go digital without having to replace existing mobile X-ray units.  More...
20 Aug 2014

Bone Suppression Software Used to Optimize Diagnostic Capability of X-Ray Systems

New bone suppression technology helps radiologists identify lung nodules and other serious medical conditions by converting a traditional chest X-ray into a soft tissue image without the ribs and clavicle bones.   More...
18 Aug 2014
Image: Bar graph shows the change in detection method over time (1990-2011) for breast cancer cases in patients aged 75 years and older (n = 1162). Pt/PhysD = detection by patient or physician (Photo courtesy of the Radiological Society of North America).

Mammography Screening Helpful for Women Over 75

Mammography-identified breast cancer is associated with a change to earlier-stage diagnosis in older women, which was shown to result in reducing the rate of more advanced, hard-to-treat cases, according to a new study.   More...
18 Aug 2014

New Tool Designed to Reduce Potential Future Hip Fractures

A new tool is being developed that automatically searches medical images for early signs of osteoporosis in the spine by identifying fractures, and could help reduce the number of future potentially fatal hip fractures.   More...
18 Aug 2014

Pelvic X-Ray May Not Be Required for Children with Blunt Torso Trauma

Pelvic X-rays routinely ordered for children who have suffered blunt force trauma do not effectively detect all instances of pelvic fractures or dislocations and are typically unwarranted for patients for whom abdominal/pelvic CT scanning is otherwise planned.  More...
17 Aug 2014

Identifying Bladder Cancer Patients Who Could Benefit from Tumor-Softening Treatment

British scientists have identified a protein that could help clinicians choose which bladder cancer patients could be better treated from a therapy that makes radiotherapy more effective, according to recent research.  More...
13 Aug 2014
Image: Reconstruction of the Iceman “Ötzi“ as presented in the South Tyrolean Archaeology Museum showing the Iceman with brown eyes based on the genetic analysis (Photo courtesy of the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology, Photo Ochsenreiter).

Imaging, Genetic Testing Reveal that Tyrolean Iceman had Genetic Predisposition for Atherosclerosis

Although prevalence and types of risk factors for atherosclerosis have varied over time from ancient times to modern society, genetic predisposition/risk for the disorder now appears to be very similar to that in ancient times, according to new imaging and genetic findings gleaned from a 300-year-old glacier mummy.  More...
13 Aug 2014

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