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16-Slice CT System’s Technology Extends Operational Lifetime by Minimizing Wear and Tear

A new 16-slice computed tomography system is designed for clinical routine and is available in two power configurations to better meet clinical, workflow requirements.   More...
19 Oct 2014

Healthcare Costs Could Be Cut by More Appropriate Use of Cardiac Stress Imaging

In new research, investigators concluded that overuse of cardiac stress testing using advanced imaging technology has led to increasing healthcare costs in the United States and unnecessary radiation exposure to patients.   More...
19 Oct 2014

Five Proton Therapy Treatment Rooms Plus System Upgrade Deployed at Scripps Proton Therapy Center

An upgrade of a proton system will improve workflow at a US proton therapy center, enabling the use of the fixed-beam treatment rooms as well as more diverse patient-positioning devices. Moreover the new technology is designed to enhance the quality of images generated by the system’s integrated imager.  More...
16 Oct 2014
Image: The American Heart Association issued a statement that patients need to be informed on radiation risks before undergoing cardiac imaging (Photo courtesy of AHA - The American Heart Association).

Heart Association Issues Statement on Understanding Radiation Risks Before Cardiac Imaging

People should understand why a heart-imaging test is needed before undergoing the procedure, including the benefits and risks involved, such as the potential long-term risk from radiation exposure, advises a new scientific statement.   More...
16 Oct 2014

PET/CT Imaging Could Transform Diagnosis and Treatment for Children with Neuroblastoma

A new trial has been initiated in the United Kingdom that could change the way children with one of the most lethal types of cancer are diagnosed.   More...
15 Oct 2014

High-Risk Endometrial Cancer Patients Helped with Radiotherapy and Concurrent Chemotherapy After Surgery

Radiation therapy administered with concurrent paclitaxel chemotherapy following surgery is an effective treatment for patients with high-risk endometrial cancer.  More...
15 Oct 2014

Oncologists Recommend Less Radiation for Elderly Women with Early Breast Cancer

In a healthcare environment where the costs of patient treatment are increasingly considered against possible benefit, a new study has found that US radiation oncologists are using fewer or less-aggressive radiation procedures on older women with early-stage breast cancer.  More...
07 Oct 2014

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