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Early PET-Negative Stage I/II Hodgkin Lymphoma Patients Show Increased Risk of Early Relapse when Radiotherapy Is Not Used

Analysis of a new study indicates an increased risk of early relapse when excluding radiotherapy in early positron emission tomography scan-negative patients with stage I/II Hodgkin’s lymphoma.   More...
23 Apr 2014

Leading Cancer Center Among First in Europe to Treat Patients Using Robotic Patient-Positioning Radiotherapy Couch

A Viennese hospital has become one of the first oncology departments in Europe to introduce clinical treatments using a robotic radiotherapy patient-positioning couch.  More...
22 Apr 2014
SuperSonic Imagine
Image: Schematic showing MercyBeam converging the orthovoltage X-ray (Photo courtesy of Convergent R.N.R.).

Beam Technology Enables Less Harmful, More Accurate, and Cost-Effective Radiotherapy

Newly developed technology will enable more effective, less harmful, and drastically less costly radiotherapy and radiosurgery treatment using low-energy X-ray tubes instead of high-energy sources typically used today.   More...
21 Apr 2014
Image: John Tomich and his research lab team at Kansas State University combined two related sequences of amino acids to form a very small, hollow nanocapsule similar to a bubble (Photo courtesy of Kansas State University).

Nontoxic Molecule Able to Store Radiation Securely

Microscopic “bubbles” have been found to be safe and effective storage lockers for harmful isotopes that emit ionizing radiation for treating tumors.   More...
16 Apr 2014

Imaging and Blood Test Work Together to Optimize Evaluation of Ovarian Cancer Risk

A new US Food and Drug Administration-cleared blood test that measures the levels of five proteins and then uses a proprietary algorithm and software to calculate a single risk score has been the topic of recent research comparing the test to two imaging modalities.  More...
15 Apr 2014

Helium Ions May Provide Better-Targeted Treatment in Pediatric Radiotherapy

Scientists have for the first time been able to demonstrate that the use of helium ions in radiotherapy could deliver effective treatment to tumors while sparing healthy organs.   More...
14 Apr 2014

Shock-Absorbing “Goo” Discovered in Bone

A combination of imaging techniques and computational modeling reveals that much of the mineral from which bone is made consists of “goo” trapped between tiny crystals that provides a flexibility that stops bones from shattering.   More...
09 Apr 2014

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