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New Low Cost Specialist Incubator for Transporting Infants to and from Imaging Modalities

A company that designs, develops and manufactures neonatal specialist incubators has released a new incubator that can be used to transport infants for Magnetic Resonance Imaging or Computed Tomography imaging scans.  More...
23 Feb 2015
New Lightweight Mounting System for X-Ray Detectors

New Lightweight Mounting System for X-Ray Detectors

A new flat panel X-Ray detector mounting system has been developed that can be screw-mounted on walls, attached to doors using nylon loops, or suspended from a hook from a cupboard door, for example.   More...
18 Feb 2015
Image: ImagePilot Viewer on Tablet (Photo courtesy of Konica Minolta).

New Wireless Flat Panel Detector to Meet Growing Latin American Imaging Needs

A new imaging solution now available in and targeted to the Latin American market has been announced. The solution will integrate with existing X-ray equipment and to improve patient care and expand the ability of hospitals and clinics to carry out reimbursable imaging exams.  More...
18 Feb 2015

Advanced Breast CT System and Biopsy Bracket Receive US FDA Approval

The US Food and Drug Administration have approved the Koning Breast CT system and KBCT-guided biopsy bracket. The KBCT system completed the FDA medical device Pre-Market Approval process.  More...
17 Feb 2015
Image: Small lesion in the upper right lobe (left), and corresponding detection by the CAD system (right) (Photo courtesy of Radboud UMC).

Computer Aided Detection of Tuberculosis in Chest Radiographs Reaches Maturity

Around nine million people get infected with tuberculosis every year. TB is still one of the most deadly diseases worldwide with over one million casualties annually, and early detection is critical to the success of treatment.   More...
16 Feb 2015

Pre-Surgery Image-Guided Radiotherapy for Sarcoma Patients Reduces Long-Term Side Effects

Soft Tissue Sarcomas are relatively rare but deadly cancerous tumors of fat, muscles, nerves, tendons, blood vessels, or connective tissues. Standard treatment includes radiotherapy of the sarcoma which may result in damage to healthy tissue and long-term side effects.  More...
15 Feb 2015
Image: The specially designed mobile X-ray truck reaches patients in underserved areas of Kenya. Peter Otunga, chief of radiography for AMPATH, and radiologist Marc Kohli, MD, inside the truck (Photo courtesy of RSNA News).

Mobile Healthcare Imaging Solution for Patients in Rural Kenya

In Kenya less than 200 radiologists serve a population of 43 million. X-Ray equipment and facilities are scarce, and are located in the urban centers such as Nairobi, the capital city, leaving the rural population without access to medical imaging.  More...
08 Feb 2015

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