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Nuclear medicine


New SPECT System Scans Virtually Every Patient and Is Designed to Fit into Most Nuclear Medicine Exam Rooms

A new single photon emission computed tomography system combines image resolution and detector sensitivity with the smallest room size requirement in its class.  More...
30 Oct 2014

Integrated Nuclear Medicine System Increases Clinical Throughput and Improves Interdepartmental Communication.

New software is designed to meet the specific needs of nuclear medicine, offering a unique way to fully integrate the nuclear medicine or molecular imaging department’s workflow and to optimize interdepartmental communications, using advanced image processing and speech recognition.  More...
26 Oct 2014
Image: The ProBeam system treatment room (Photo courtesy of Varian Medical Systems).

Five Proton Therapy Treatment Rooms Plus System Upgrade Deployed at Scripps Proton Therapy Center

An upgrade of a proton system will improve workflow at a US proton therapy center, enabling the use of the fixed-beam treatment rooms as well as more diverse patient-positioning devices. Moreover the new technology is designed to enhance the quality of images generated by the system’s integrated imager.  More...
16 Oct 2014

PET/CT Imaging Could Transform Diagnosis and Treatment for Children with Neuroblastoma

A new trial has been initiated in the United Kingdom that could change the way children with one of the most lethal types of cancer are diagnosed.   More...
15 Oct 2014

FDG-PET/CT Imaging Helpful for Breast Cancer Patients Younger Than Forty

Positron emission tomography/computed tomography imaging of patients younger than 40 who were first diagnosed with stage I–III breast cancer resulted in a change of diagnosis, new findings showed.   More...
15 Oct 2014

PET-CT Used for Lung Cancer Diagnosis May Be Less Effective in Areas Where Infectious Lung Disease Is More Common

An analysis of data gleaned from 70 studies revealed that use of the diagnostic imaging modality fluorodeoxyglucose F18-positron emission tomography combined with CT may not effectively differentiate benign disease from lung cancer in patients with endemic infectious lung disease compared with nonendemic regions, according to recent research.  More...
08 Oct 2014

PET-CT Imaging Forecasts Survival of Lymphoma Better Than Standard Imaging Strategies

Positron emission tomography-computed tomography imaging is more accurate than traditional CT scanning in gauging response to treatment and predicting survival in patients with follicular lymphoma, and should be used routinely in clinical practice.  More...
28 Sep 2014

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