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Nuclear medicine

Image: PET/CT on the left and an MRI on the right demonstrating the relative locations of both the hypothalamus and the pituitary (Photo courtesy of RSNA).

In Veterans with PTSD, PET/CT Imaging Reveals Pituitary Abnormalities

Hybrid imaging with positron emission tomography and computed tomography in the pituitary region of the brain has been shown to be a potential new approach for distinguishing military veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder from those with mild traumatic brain injury.  More...
16 Dec 2014

Arc Therapy Radiosurgery Faster Than Gamma Knife Treatments

Volumetric modulated arc therapy radiosurgery treatments can be optimized to treat multiple brain metastases at the same time, according to a new study.  More...
03 Dec 2014
Supersonic Imagine
PCI Precision Charts

World’s First Clinical MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy System Awarded CE Marking

The world’s first magnetic resonance imaging-guided radiation therapy system has received CE marking approval, which will allow the developer of the technology to deliver the systems throughout Europe and other regions.  More...
25 Nov 2014
Image: MRI and PET scans of a patient with dementia (Photo courtesy of Dr. Paul Edison, neurology imaging unit, Imperial College London’s Imanova  International Translational Imaging Center).

Combining PET and MRI to Visualize Development of Alzheimer’s Disease

German researchers have combined two noninvasive imaging techniques, positron emission tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, to help them to examine the proteinaceous deposits typical of AD in transgenic mice.   More...
25 Nov 2014
Image: The RayPilot placed directly on the original carbon fiber couch (Photo courtesy of Micropos Medical).

Hypofractionated Prostate Radiotherapy Electromagnetic Positioning Tool Tracks Tumors in Real Time During Treatment

A new add-on tool to existing radiotherapy equipment has been designed to track a tumor at any time during the treatment. The system could enable the clinic to enhance precision in their cancer treatment, offer less side effects, faster treatments, and higher cure rates.  More...
19 Nov 2014

PET Scans Reveal How Psychodynamic Therapy for Depressed Patients May Alter Brain Function

New imaging findings show that metabolic differences in a major brain region could predict which patients are most likely to respond to psychodynamic therapy.  More...
19 Nov 2014

Electron Intraoperative Radiotherapy Can Reduce Six-Week Radiation Cycles to One Day

A US medical center has implemented an electron beam intraoperative radiation therapy into its breast care program in an effort to minimize treatment time without losing their level of healthcare.   More...
17 Nov 2014

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