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Nuclear medicine

Clinical Study Shows Added Value of Amyloid PET Imaging in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Dementia

Early-onset dementia patients could benefit from a new PET imaging agent developed by a major medical imaging vendor.  More...
29 Jul 2015

New Imaging Collaboration Could Improve Treatment and Quality of Life of Prostate Cancer Patients

A development agreement between a large medical imaging vendor and smaller medical device company promises to help promote a unique minimally invasive treatment that can ablate the prostate gland.   More...
27 Jul 2015

3D Printing Supports Accurate Radiation Therapy Delivery

A new study demonstrates how an inexpensive three dimensional printer can be used to manufacture a patient-specific bolus for external beam therapy.  More...
08 Jul 2015

Hybrid Scanner Using Five Molecular Imaging Techniques Under Development

Scientists are developing a new molecular, preclinical hybrid imaging system to help find new drugs and to advance imaging research.  More...
30 Jun 2015

New PET Tracer Capable of Accurately Pinpointing Life-Threatening Blood Clots

Researchers have demonstrated that a new molecular imaging technique using Positron Emission Tomography and a new radiotracer Cu-64 FBP8 can accurately pinpoint nearly all thrombi throughout the body of laboratory rats.  More...
29 Jun 2015
Image: Chemist Amanda Youker purifying molybdenum-99 (Photo courtesy of Wes Agresta/ ANL).

Fast Neutrons Help Produce Medical Isotopes

An innovative process is being used to create a stable commercial source of molybdenum radioisotopes, widely used in diagnostic imaging.  More...
21 Jun 2015

World’s Smallest Proton Therapy Systems Begin Operation

A leading provider of proton therapy systems has successfully installed and opened two, modular, single-room proton therapy systems, back-to-back, demonstrating the therapeutic and economic viability of the technology.  More...
17 Jun 2015

The Nuclear Medicine channel of MedImaging brings the latest in research and clinical radiotherapy, proton therapy, PET-CT, SPECT, SQUID, radiopharmacology, scintillography, trends and safety concerns.


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