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Fluke Biomedical Acquires Unfors RaySafe

By Medimaging International staff writers
Posted on 06 Feb 2014
Fluke Biomedical (Everett, WA, USA), a world-leading manufacturer of biomedical test instruments, has reported that it has acquired Unfors RaySafe (Billdal, Sweden), a company that develops X-ray dose monitoring technology.

With this acquisition, Fluke Biomedical adds industry leading quality assurance devices for diagnostic X-ray from Unfors RaySafe. With an optimized product range in the fields of diagnostic X-ray, real-time dose monitoring systems for medical personnel and patient dose tracking software, the Unfors RaySafe product line will expand the Fluke Biomedical customer base and answer market needs with novel technology. Fluke Biomedical’s goal is to provide healthcare providers, institutions, and medical device manufacturers with a complete range of test equipment.

Both companies note the user friendliness of their products, combined with sophisticated technology and optimal measurement accuracy as their major strengths. “The fact that our companies share a similar culture is an ideal basis for continuing our excellent relationships with our employees, customers and partners,” said Magnus Kristoferson, CEO of Unfors RaySafe. “We have experience in highly specialized markets all over the world, we know our business, and we can now maximize our competencies. In the past, Unfors RaySafe has attracted the attention of the market not just for the functionality and measurement accuracy of its products, but also for the attractive design and intuitive user interface.”

Fluke Biomedical manufactures biomedical test and simulation products, including electrical safety testers, patient simulators, performance analyzers, and fully integrated and automated performance testing and documentation systems. Fluke Biomedical general manager, Eric Conley stated, “The acquisition of Unfors RaySafe brings to Fluke Biomedical a strong team that has delivered leading innovation to the radiation test and safety markets. The combination of Unfors RaySafe and Fluke Biomedical accelerates our ability to provide a broad portfolio of world class test equipment to our customers.”

Fluke Biomedical anticipates, with worldwide sales and distribution channels, growth through innovative design and creative solutions for their customers.

Fluke Biomedical is a global provider of test and measurement equipment and services to the healthcare industry. The company serves biomedical engineers, quality-assurance technicians, medical physicists, oncologists and radiation-safety professionals, and are continually expanding their range of solutions to a broader range of health and safety professionals. Fluke Biomedical is part of Fluke Corp., a leader in the manufacture, distribution, and service of electronic test tools and software.

Unfors RaySafe offers a solution for the X-ray room consisting of devices for quality assurance and service of diagnostic X-ray units, real-time dose monitoring for medical staff, and patient dose-tracking software. All products combine user-friendliness with innovative technology to help technicians, medical staff, and patients avoid unnecessary radiation exposure. Unfors RaySafe has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore, India, Japan, and China, as well as with a closely connected sales network, Unfors RaySafe serves a global customer base that includes leading manufacturers of X-ray machines and university hospitals worldwide.

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