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Hosting and Distribution Collaboration Established to Provide Radiation Dose Monitoring

PHS Technologies Group, a unit of PACSHealth and a developer of software that monitors patient exposure to ionizing radiation, reported that Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences will become a marketing, distribution, and hosting partner for its DoseMonitor OnLine software. More...
08 Jul 2014

Alliance Established to Provide Cloud-Based Healthcare Information Technology Platform

A strategic alliance has been established to offer an open, cloud-based healthcare platform. The new technology will enable medical device and data interoperability—the collection of data and subsequent analysis to enhance clinical decision making by professionals and enabling patients to take a more active role in managing their health.  More...
07 Jul 2014

Enterprise Imaging and Content Management Technology Collaboration Designed to Optimize the Electronic Health Record

A joint solution developed for the US market provides multi-media, electronic content management for electronic health records. The system provides real-time access to a patient’s full medical history across the hospital enterprise, enhancing decision-making and healthcare while lowering costs.   More...
01 Jul 2014

Collaboration in Singapore to Develop in vivo Molecular Imaging Agent

A new partnership for the establishment of an imaging research laboratory based in Singapore will focus on developing biomarkers for the study of diseases such as cancer and immune dysregulation.  More...
24 Jun 2014

Claron Technology Partners with Livecare, Canadian Telehealth Provider

Claron Technology has partnered with Livecare a Canadian telehealth provider, for the use of the Claron Nil diagnostic viewer as part of remote medical consultations in rural areas of British Columbia.   More...
23 Jun 2014

Taipei University to Install Proton Treatment Center

New technology enables intensity-modulated proton therapy by modifying dose levels on a spot-by-spot basis throughout the treatment area. Scanning beam technology makes it possible to combine irradiations from multiple angles in an optimal manner to improve control of dose distributions.   More...
19 Jun 2014

X-Ray Sector Expected to Reach USD 4.23 Billion in 2018

The world market for X-ray systems will grow from USD 3.6 billion to 4.23 billion in 2018, according to a report by healthcare market research publisher Kalorama Information.   More...
09 Jun 2014

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