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New Strategic Partnership Agreement for Surgical Displays

An agreement between Barco, a visualization products company, and Medical Computers Deutschland, a supplier of customized Healthcare IT solutions, covers the sale of surgical displays for the healthcare industry in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland countries.   More...
19 Jan 2015

Company Developing Cerenkov Luminescence Imaging Technologies Raises Funding for Innovative Products

A developer of novel imaging technologies has received GBP 2 million in funding to help bring its lead products to market in 2015.  More...
13 Jan 2015

GE Healthcare and Karolinska University Partner to Optimize Cancer Treatment with PET Tracer Production Facility

GE Healthcare has signed one of the largest cyclotron and radiochemistry system agreements worldwide with Stockholm Sweden’s County Council and Karolinska University Hospital.   More...
11 Jan 2015

Varian to Acquire MeVis Medical to Add Image Processing Software to Varian’s Detection of Cancer Technology

Varian Medical Systems intends to submit an offer to acquire MeVis Medical Solutions, AG, a company that provides image processing software and services for cancer screening.   More...
05 Jan 2015

New Environmentally Efficient Contrast-Medium Packaging Developed

Medical imaging contrast agents are normally packaged in glass bottles which are energy-intensive to make, and are breakable. After their use glass contrast-agent bottles need to be separated from other medical waste, and must be autoclaved, and disposed of in landfill. In addition, shipping heavy glass bottles by air-freight is expensive and contributes carbon dioxide emissions.   More...
04 Jan 2015

Partnership Established to Expand Integration Systems for Image-Guided Minimally Invasive Therapies

Philips Healthcare, a developer of image-guided therapies, has signed an agreement with Image Stream Medical that allows Philips to further expand its integration systems for its hybrid suite and interventional lab solutions with integrated video and live-streaming capabilities. As part of the agreement, Philips has acquired a minority stake in ISM.   More...
24 Dec 2014

Philips' Partnership with Image Stream Medical Extends Philips Image-Guided Minimal Invasive Therapy Solutions

Royal Philips has signed a partnership agreement with Image Stream Medical. Philips has also acquired a small stake in ISM as part of the agreement.  More...
22 Dec 2014

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