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Image: Zygote’s human anatomy collections (Photo courtesy of Zygote).

Partnership to Provide 3-D Holographic Imaging to Medical Professionals

Zebra Imaging, a provider of holographic visualization technologies, reported on a partnership with the Zygote Media Group, a developer of in high-tech 3-D anatomy and biomedical models for animation and visual effects, to serve the medical and medical education markets.   More...
09 Nov 2014

Information Gleaned from Performance Data Shown to Drive Radiologist Productivity

Radiologists’ productivity soars by nearly a third when actionable performance data are provided, according to a recent marketing research.  More...
04 Nov 2014
PHS Technologies
Supersonic Imagine
Image: TVC composite image (Photo courtesy of Infraredx).

Infraredx Agreement with HealthTrust to Offer Intravascular Imaging Technology

Infraredx, a medical device company focused on the diagnosis and management of coronary artery disease, has entered into an agreement with HealthTrust, a US group purchasing organization. Under the agreement, HealthTrust will offer the Infraredx TVC imaging system, an innovative dual-modality intravascular imaging technology, to its member network of 1,400 acute care facilities in the United States.  More...
02 Nov 2014

US Helium Shortage Drives Recycling Efforts

General Electric is building a new helium recycling plant, which is used for cooling the superconducting magnets in magnetic resonance imaging machines.   More...
06 Oct 2014

Global Partnership Provides Treatment Planning Support for Modulated Arc Radiotherapy

Varian Medical Systems Eclipse treatment planning software can now be used to plan modulated arc radiotherapy treatments at sites using Siemens Healthcare medical linear accelerators.  More...
22 Sep 2014

USD 12 Billion Out of Total Spent on Medical Imaging Squandered in the US

The United States wastes close to USD 12 billion on unnecessary medical imaging yearly, according to a new survey of 196 hospital leaders.   More...
15 Sep 2014

Brazil’s Diagnostic Imaging and Radiotherapy Sector Starting to Mature

Although several medical device industry groups exist in Brazil, none are focused on the specialized needs of the medical imaging and radiation therapy industry. Members from a US medical imaging and technology alliance have been establishing and growing their presence in Brazil in recent years, reflecting trends indicating Brazil’s maturing market for diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy equipment.  More...
07 Sep 2014

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