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Imaging IT

Telerobotic Approach Provides Virtual Ultrasound Evaluations for Physicians, Hospitals, and Communities

An American physician, while in Germany, used a computer to perform a robot-assisted transatlantic ultrasound exam on a person in Boston.  More...
26 Aug 2014

Retrofit Enables Cost-Effective Upgrade of Existing Mobile X-Ray Systems to Direct Radiography

A mobile retrofit system has been designed to be mounted on mobile X-ray systems to create an easy way for hospitals to go digital without having to replace existing mobile X-ray units.  More...
20 Aug 2014

Bone Suppression Software Used to Optimize Diagnostic Capability of X-Ray Systems

New bone suppression technology helps radiologists identify lung nodules and other serious medical conditions by converting a traditional chest X-ray into a soft tissue image without the ribs and clavicle bones.   More...
18 Aug 2014

New Tool Designed to Reduce Potential Future Hip Fractures

A new tool is being developed that automatically searches medical images for early signs of osteoporosis in the spine by identifying fractures, and could help reduce the number of future potentially fatal hip fractures.   More...
18 Aug 2014

Software Streamlines Mammography System Workflows from Multiple Manufacturers

A prospective study conducted by the Swedish researchers has confirmed the effectiveness of a breast imaging software across multiple vendor platforms, and has linked volumetrically evaluated breast density measurements to breast cancer risk.  More...
13 Aug 2014

Oncology Information System Certified for Use to Show Stage 1 and 2 Meaningful Use of an Electronic Health Record

An oncology information system has been certified for use to demonstrate stage 1 and 2 meaningful use (MU) of an electronic health record (EHR). Clinicians will soon be able to use the system to qualify for funding under the US government’s program to improve clinical care by promoting the adoption and effective use of EHRs at healthcare institutions. More...
12 Aug 2014

Enterprise-Wide Imaging and Archiving Technology Optimizes Disaster Recovery and Operational Workflow

A new collaboration will enable a US hospital to streamline flow of data to meet meaningful use 2 requirements for the exchange of images, support health information exchange, as well as enhance the patient experience.  More...
05 Aug 2014

The Imaging IT Channel of MedImaging speaks the language of PACS, RIS, and DICOM, and other healthcare IT elements without which contemporary clinical imaging would be impossible.
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