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Imaging IT

Findings Reveal Health Information Exchange Decreases Repeat Imaging

The use of health information exchange systems to share reports on imaging tests, such as X-rays and magnetic resonance imaging scans, can help reduce the number of times patients undergo the precisely same test. A new study suggests that HIE technology that gives healthcare providers immediate, electronic access to a patient’s medical history may optimize the quality of care while slashing excessive costs.   More...
27 Jan 2015
Image: NEC Display Solutions MD210C3 Diagnostic Review Monitor (Photo courtesy of NEC Display Solutions).

New Cost-Effective Diagnostic Review Monitor Receives FDA 510(K) Clearance

The monitor is intended as an affordable tool for viewing diagnostic images on the Picture Archiving and Communication System.  More...
27 Jan 2015

Advanced Visualization and Image Processing Project Announced

The Flemish government agency for Innovation by Science and Technology has agreed to fund a 36-month research project run jointly by Agfa HealthCare and Inside Matters for innovation in enterprise imaging, and Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS).  More...
27 Jan 2015

New Patient-Centered Tool Devised to Record Side Effects of Radiotherapy

Researchers have investigated a patient-centered approach to evaluating the side effects of radiotherapy and have shown that it may be able to optimize the detection and management of treatment-related toxicity.  More...
21 Jan 2015

Potential Cost of Data Breaches of Protected Health Information Could Reach USD 5.6 Billion Annually

The healthcare industry and institutions face an ever-increasing threat of data breaches to clinical and patient information.  More...
13 Jan 2015

Trial Tests Patients' Preferences for Sharing of Electronic Medical Record

In a six-month trial patients were given control over which clinically sensitive information in their Electronic Medical Record was shared with health care providers.  More...
07 Jan 2015
Image: Fovia’s high-definition volume-rendering (HDVR) is a CPU-based, advanced visualization technology platform designed for OEMs. The CPU-based technology provides critical information “on-the-fly” via the cloud, local networks, or as an integrated component of existing architectures (Photo courtesy of Fovia).

High-Definition Volume-Rendering Software Improves Ease-of-Integration, Time-to-Market

New high-definition volume rendering software provides the ease-of-integration and quick time-to-market required in the current fast-paced imaging environment.  More...
31 Dec 2014

The Imaging IT Channel of MedImaging speaks the language of PACS, RIS, and DICOM, and other healthcare IT elements without which contemporary clinical imaging would be impossible.


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