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Imaging IT

Imaging Data, Tools Developed for Heart Disease Research

A virtual machine is being developed to optimize reproducibility and data availability to assess and enhance analyses of magnetic resonance imaging myocardial perfusion data.  More...
25 Nov 2014

Faster Treatment Choices for Bowel-Cancer Patients Using Tumor-Imaging Analysis Technology

New imaging analysis technology helps hospitals make earlier and more accurate treatment decisions and survival assessments for patients with bowel cancer.   More...
25 Nov 2014
PHS Technologies
Supersonic Imagine
Image: An image from the Bone Finder software (Photo courtesy of the University of Manchester).

Software Designed to Automatically Outline Bones in X-Rays

Research into such as arthritis and other disorders will soon get a helping hand from new software that automatically outlines bones, saving thousands of hours of manual work.   More...
25 Nov 2014

Partnership to Integrate Image Workflow Server into Image Viewer

Intelerad Medical Systems, a developer of medical imaging PACS, RIS, and workflow solutions, reported that its partnership with Blackford Analysis has resulted in the successful integration of Blackford’s image comparison acceleration technology into its InteleViewer diagnostic viewer.  More...
24 Nov 2014

Use of Radiology Data Mining Tool Reduces Length of Stay for CT Biopsy

Use of a data and analysis tool allows radiology clinical coordinators to facilitate a patient-centered imaging service, acting as a care manager for patients with positive findings on their computed tomography scans.  More...
19 Nov 2014

Enterprise Imaging Viewer’s New Functionalities Access Patients’ Imaging Record in One Zero-Download Application

New functionalities and features to an enterprise imaging viewer will offer a patient-centric view accessible on a single application-based viewer, supporting greater collaboration, clinical depth, a more informed diagnosis, and a true longitudinal patient image record.  More...
18 Nov 2014

RIS Shares Patient’s Clinical History with Images for Referring Physicians

The latest version of a radiology information system offers significant features that can enhance workflow and address specific needs of healthcare providers worldwide. The system now offers a clinical document exchange, which is an important tool for healthcare providers worldwide, and was part of the platform’s certification for stage 2 meaningful use in the United States.  More...
13 Nov 2014

The Imaging IT Channel of MedImaging speaks the language of PACS, RIS, and DICOM, and other healthcare IT elements without which contemporary clinical imaging would be impossible.


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