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Imaging IT

3D Printing and CT Imaging Used to Guide Human Face Transplants

Surgeons are using computed tomography imaging and three-dimensional printing technology to reconstruct life-size models of patients’ heads to help better control the outcome in face transplantation surgery.    More...
17 Dec 2014
Image: The DCMSYS Interface WebBridge is designed to connect to DCMSYS product range to access all the patient data, search studies, link data to the appropriate study and store, modify, share, and connect to any repository (Photo courtesy of Dicom Systems).

WebBridge Software for Medical Facilities Allows Third-Party Interfaces to Develop Front-End Functionality in a Matter of Days

Designed for medical facilities of any size, new web software allows any native or web-based third-party application to upload any non-standard data to an enterprise imaging suite and vendor-neutral archive.   More...
17 Dec 2014
PCI Precision Charts
Supersonic Imagine

Image-Sharing Network Allows Patients to take Control of their Medical Exam Records

An image-sharing network enables patients to securely store, manage, and share their imaging records through the Internet using personal health record accounts. The network is meeting patient expectations regarding ease of access, timeliness, and privacy.  More...
16 Dec 2014

Web-Based Radiology STAT Service Provides Preauthorized Referrals in 30 Minutes or Less

A web-based referral management and insurance authorization STAT service for radiology practices has been developed to provide preauthorized referrals in 30 minutes or less.   More...
16 Dec 2014

Secure Mobile Access Card Offers Hosted Patient Portal

A secure mobile access card system module generates a wallet-sized card for hospital or clinic patients, which provides secure access to that patient’s medical images and documents.   More...
16 Dec 2014

Partnership to Add Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing Capabilities

Cross-enterprise document-sharing capabilities have been added to radiology information systems to further interoperability and enhance cross-enterprise access to patient images and information.  More...
15 Dec 2014

Speech Recognition System and Clinical Reporting Workflow Upgrade Announced

The new release of a speech recognition and clinical reporting solution includes enhanced mobility, an improved management console, and additional user personalization options.  More...
14 Dec 2014

The Imaging IT Channel of MedImaging speaks the language of PACS, RIS, and DICOM, and other healthcare IT elements without which contemporary clinical imaging would be impossible.
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