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General/Advanced Imaging

Image: Fluorinated graphene oxide quantum dots could serve as a non-toxic MRI contrast agent (Photo courtesy of Jeff Fitlow/Rice University).

Graphene Can Also Function As MRI Contrast Agent

Metal-free fluorinated graphene may soon find a new use as a contrast agent for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), according to a new study. More...
01 Dec 2016
Image: The CapsoCam Plus offers 360º imaging technology (Photo courtesy of CapsoVision).

Capsule Endoscope System Images Small Bowel

Innovative technology provides a novel 360º panoramic lateral image of the small bowel to assist in the detection of subtle abnormalities. More...
30 Nov 2016
Image: The KICK system offers optical tracking and laser guidance (Photo courtesy of Brainlab).

Portable Spine Imaging System Improves Patient Outcomes

A new advanced imaging technology helps surgeons confirm proper placement of spinal implants while saving time in the operating room (OR). More...
17 Nov 2016
Image: Researchers found embedded nanoparticles could improve regular microscopes six-fold (Photo courtesy of MIT).

Novel Technique Uses Lasers to Image Living Tissues

A new imaging technique uses tiny embedded particles to illuminate cellular structures in deep tissue and other dense and opaque materials. More...
16 Nov 2016
Image: PET imaging of drug delivery in a mouse tumor model (Photo courtesy of KCL).

PET Imaging Could Improve Cancer Treatment

Positron emission tomography (PET) tracking of liposomal nanomedicines could be used to validate drug delivery, according to a new study. More...
11 Nov 2016
Image: The 4-LED light source of the ELUXEO endoscopy system (Photo courtesy of Fujifilm).

Next Generation Endoscopy System Provides Superior Visualization

A state-of-the-art image-enhanced endoscopy system allows differentiation of mucosal surfaces and vessel structures within the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. More...
09 Nov 2016

Novel Activity-Based Probes Detect Vascular Inflammation

Researchers have shown that a combined optical and Positron Emission Tomography (PET)/Computed Tomography (CT) probe can be used to detect early signs of atherosclerotic plaques. More...
08 Nov 2016

MedImaging General Imaging channel provides a portal into the less common imaging technologies such as diffuse optical tomography (NIR), optical coherence tomography, electrical impedance tomography and more.
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