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General/Advanced Imaging

Image: A pathologist using the new digital pathology solution (Photo courtesy of Royal Philips).

First Digital Pathology Solution Receives FDA Clearance

After evaluating data from a clinical study including around 2,000 surgical pathology cases, the US FDA has cleared the first digital pathology solution for primary diagnostic use in the U.S. More...
25 Apr 2017
Image: A chest X-Ray of a patient with active TB, and an X-Ray with a heat map overlay showing some of the results of the AI analysis (Photo courtesy of RSNA).

Study Shows How Deep Learning and AI Diagnose TB

Researchers have found that they can use an artificial intelligence technique called deep learning to identify cases of tuberculosis on chest X-Ray exams with a net accuracy rate of 96%. More...
24 Apr 2017
Image: A new study shows digital breast tomosynthesis reduces cancer surgery re-excision rates (Photo courtesy of Carestream Health).

Digital Tomosynthesis Reduces Re-Excision in Breast Surgeries

A new study shows that digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) can reduce surgical positive margins by offering a better view of lesion margins than mammography alone. More...
20 Apr 2017
Image: Research shows CT imaging could help detect immune-related colitis (Photo courtesy of Alamy).

CT May Replace Colonoscopy for Diagnosing Colitis Infections

A new study affirms that computerized tomography (CT) scans are a fast, reliable, and noninvasive mode of diagnosing immune-related colitis. More...
19 Apr 2017
Image: Research show graphene-based transistor arrays could help map brain activity (Photo courtesy of ICN2).

Graphene-Based Neural Probes Map Brain Activity

A new study describes how a sensor based on graphene can record brain activity in high resolution, while maintaining excellent signal to noise ratio (SNR). More...
13 Apr 2017
Image: A new study suggests MRI scans can help identify HIV lurking in the brain (Photo courtesy of Shutterstock).

MRI Scans Help Spot Persistent HIV in Brain

A new study suggests that diffuse white matter signal abnormalities (DWMSAs) in HIV-infected individuals with neurological problems should raise suspicion of possible cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) discordance. More...
06 Apr 2017
Image: Mice brain cell images captured by CCM (Photo courtesy Rajesh Menon / University of Utah).

Cannula Microscopy Allows Deep-Brain Fluorescent Imaging

A tiny glass surgical needle can deliver fluorescent imaging and video from a mouse brain at depths as great as 2 mm, with a field of view of 200 μm in diameter. More...
06 Apr 2017

MedImaging General Imaging channel provides a portal into the less common imaging technologies such as diffuse optical tomography (NIR), optical coherence tomography, electrical impedance tomography and more.
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