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Image: The American Heart Association issued a statement that patients need to be informed on radiation risks before undergoing cardiac imaging (Photo courtesy of AHA - The American Heart Association).

Heart Association Issues Statement on Understanding Radiation Risks Before Cardiac Imaging

People should understand why a heart-imaging test is needed before undergoing the procedure, including the benefits and risks involved, such as the potential long-term risk from radiation exposure, advises... Read more


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Image:  Brain perfusion: Red indicates low perfusion, yellow indicates high perfusion. Overall, the brain perfusion is similar between all three groups (see article). The most prominent difference is present in the posterior cingulate cortex (indicated by the arrow), a region close to the midline in the superior and posterior part of the brain. Control participants who remain stable have higher perfusion as compared to deteriorating controls and MCI (Photo courtesy of RSNA the Radiological Society of North America).

Arterial Spin Labeling MRI Identifies Evidence of Cognitive Decline Before Symptoms Present

A type of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology is being used to identify signs of cognitive decline in the brain even before symptoms appear. The technique has the potential to be used as a biomarker... Read more


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Image: Leading German anesthetists Drs. Wolf Armbruster, Rüdiger Eichholz, and Thomas Notheisen have collaborated to develop the Armbruster Eichholz Notheisen (AEN) training concept for ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia (Photo courtesy of Management and Krankenhaus).

Point-of-Care Ultrasound Training Program Established for Regional Anesthesiologists

Regional anesthesia specialists have developed an innovative ultrasound training program. Leading German anesthetists Drs. Wolf Armbruster, Rüdiger Eichholz, and Thomas Notheisen have collaborated to... Read more

Nuclear medicine

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PET/CT Imaging Could Transform Diagnosis and Treatment for Children with Neuroblastoma

A new trial has been initiated in the United Kingdom that could change the way children with one of the most lethal types of cancer are diagnosed. The most aggressive form of neuroblastoma is very difficult to treat. To determine how aggressive the tumor is and find the best possible treatment, physicians currently... Read more

General/Advanced Imaging

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Image: New laser technology designed to detect breast cancer based on photoacoustics (Photo courtesy of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid).

Photoacoustics Used to Detect Breast Cancer

Spanish scientists are using new laser technology to detect breast cancer based on photoacoustics. The new approach could become an alternative to mammography or ultrasound. The European science project... Read more

Imaging IT

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Database Tool Centralizes Imaging Workflows into One Platform to Improve Patient Care, Cut Costs

A single database application has been developed to centralize imaging workflows into one easy-to-use platform. It is an intuitive approach that scales as the healthcare provider’s needs grow. With consolidated software and interfaces, users can considerable reduce manual data entry, errors, and down time.... Read more

Industry News

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Acquisition Includes Radiation Simulation Software for Radiotherapy Applications

Varian Medical Systems, Inc. (Palo Alto, CA, USA) has acquired certain assets of Transpire, Inc. (Gig Harbor, WA, USA) including the Acuros dose calculation software, which has been incorporated into Varian’s BrachyVision and Eclipse treatment planning software systems. The acquisition closed at the end of July 2014.... Read more

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