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Image: Carestream\'s DRX-Evolution Plus Image Touch Control Screen (Photo courtesy of Carestream).

Update of Digital X-Ray Imaging Platform Revealed

A new version of a Digital X-Ray (DRX) imaging system that features expanded software and hardware options and enhanced performance has been released. The fully-automated modular imaging system features... Read more


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Bayer Shows its Latest Development in MR Injectors

The latest contrast delivery and management innovation from Bayer HealthCare takes the form of the Medrad MRXperion magnetic resonance Injection System, launched at the European Congress of Radiology 2015 in Vienna (Austria). Bayer (Leverkusen, Germany) has begun to introduce the product in select countries with commercial... Read more

Nuclear medicine

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Combined PET/MR Imaging Technique Can Diagnose Cause of Unclear Foot Pathologies

Researchers investigated different imaging methods to diagnose the cause of foot pain, a common ailment, which can be a clinical symptom for stress fractures or tumors. The Researchers compared the use of a Positron Emission Tomography/Magnetic Resonance (PET/MR) exam, to PET/CT (Computed Tomography) in 22 patients with... Read more

General/Advanced Imaging

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Image: Measuring the Magnetic Activity in the Brain of a Child, Using a MEG machine. (Photo courtesy of Children\'s Hospital of Philadelphia).

Study Suggests Language Delay Linked to Chromosome Deletion in Children with Neurological Disorders

A study found that children with neuro-developmental problems born with DNA duplications or deletions on part of chromosome 16, show measurable delays in their ability to process sound and language.... Read more

Imaging IT

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New CVIS Solution Launched at the American College of Cardiology Conference

A new Cardiovascular Image and Information Management System (CVIS) has been demonstrated at the American College of Cardiology Annual Scientific Session (ACC; San Diego, USA), mid-March 2015. CVIS is a central repository of data in a single integrated workspace that displays information about diagnosis, treatment,... Read more

Industry News

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Long-Term Contract for Telehealth Services Awarded by German Health Insurance Company

Almeda (Munich, Germany), a subsidiary of SHL Telemedicine (Tel Aviv, Israel), has won a public tender for an 8-year contract worth EUR 16–20 million offered by Barmer GEK (Wuppertal, Germany), a health insurance company, to provide telehealth services to clients insured at Barmer. Barmer GEK was already a long-term client... Read more

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Philips Brilliance 64 slice CT system
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