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Image: Varian’s Edge radiosurgery system (Photo courtesy of Varian).

New Radiosurgery Technology Used to Treat Tumors Encroaching on Patient’s Spinal Cord

A 71-year-old man with a tumor encroaching on his spinal cord was among the first individuals to receive treatment using a new radiosurgery system. The radiosurgery platform provides clinicians with a... Read more

Nuclear medicine

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PET Scans Reveal How Psychodynamic Therapy for Depressed Patients May Alter Brain Function

New imaging findings show that metabolic differences in a major brain region could predict which patients are most likely to respond to psychodynamic therapy. A study from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH; Boston, MA, USA) has identified for the first time changes in the metabolic activity of a key brain region in... Read more

General/Advanced Imaging

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Image: Photoacoustic/ultrasound images taken with the new system show a human finger joint from different angles. The images on the right (b and d) show anatomic structures revealed by the ultrasound. The images on the left (a and c) show the photoacoustics data overlaying the ultrasound data. The bright yellow and red at the top of the finger show the skin and blood vessels running parallel to the finger (Photo courtesy of Pim van den Berg/Khalid Daoudi).

Handheld Probe Generates Precise Images Without Bulky, Costly Instruments

A new handheld probe developed by university and industry researchers in the Netherlands and France could give clinicians useful new imaging capabilities that fit in the palms of their hands.... Read more

Imaging IT

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Enterprise Imaging Viewer’s New Functionalities Access Patients’ Imaging Record in One Zero-Download Application

New functionalities and features to an enterprise imaging viewer will offer a patient-centric view accessible on a single application-based viewer, supporting greater collaboration, clinical depth, a more informed diagnosis, and a true longitudinal patient image record. A full-fidelity view enables physicians and care teams... Read more

Industry News

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Global Partnership Provides Treatment Planning Support for Modulated Arc Radiotherapy

Varian Medical Systems (Palo Alto, CA, USA) Eclipse treatment planning software can now be used to plan modulated arc radiotherapy (mARC) treatments at sites using Siemens Healthcare (Erlangen, Germany) medical linear accelerators. Varian Medical Systems and Siemens Healthcare presented their range of solutions that... Read more


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